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Corporate Social Responsibility

SGL has since its incorporation served many UN organisations and NGOs and has at all times conducted business within the realms of the ILO conventions and UN Human Rights stipulations.

SGL is a Danish owned company and as such must comply with all Danish and EU laws and regulations relating to labour and environment.

On the global side of our business, SGL does not operate or cooperate with, or use the services of any company or organisation known to be involved in any illegal activities, including supply and transportation of illegal weapons or use of child labour.

SGL values, ethics and procedures are of the highest standard and something we are extremely proud of.  At the same time, we are also aware that there is always room for improvement in an ever-changing world, and constantly strive to raise and improve the standards already established.

SGL is ISO14001 certified and AEO certified in Denmark.  In Sweden, SGL holds ISO14001+9001 and OHSAS18001 quality and environmental certificates and is a member of the Clean Shipping Forum.  The standards set by our Swedish organisation are being adopted across the SGL organisation. Download our certificates here.

CO2 emission reporting is a standard service for a great many of our existing customers.

Environmental policy

Environmental conditions are an integrated part of Scan Global Logistics management.

We think of the environmental issues in terms of our customers, suppliers and especially employees. Therefore, Scan Global Logistics, Denmark has built up an environmental management system in accordance with the DS/EN ISO 14001 requirements.

Read or download the complete environmental policy for Scan Global Logistics, Denmark.

SGL Environmental Policy.png

Quality policy

High quality is an integrated part of SGL's management system. Our quality management system documents the coordination of processes within our organisation.

Scan Global Logistics A/S Denmark and SGL Road ApS (SGL) are undergoing a process to become ISO 9001 certified.

Read or download the complete quality policy for Scan Global Logistics, Denmark.

SGL Quality policy, objectives and targets.

Health and Safety policy

Health and safety are an integrated part of Scan Global Logistics management. We take responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers as well as the public.

Read or download the complete health and safety policy for Scan Global Logistics, Denmark.


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