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Keeping your business in the air 

Airlines are in the business of flying, and aircraft are not generating income unless they are in the air. It is as simple as that. Yet aviation and aerospace logistics are anything but simple.

In an industry where time really is money, you need best-in-class reliability, expertise and industry insights.

You have checked in at the right site.

Time-critical logistics

Routine Freight Services

Hand-carry/Onboard Courier

White Glove Pick Up & Deliver

Air Charter

Heavy lift/oversized cargo

Dangerous/hazardous materials

Houston ...

We don't have a problem

Whether you require time-critical services in response to AOG or production line downtime, next-day delivery, or a more economical deferred option, we stand by to deliver anything, anywhere in the world, to keep you moving.

Your goods are on our radar 24/7/365, closely tracked, monitored and safely handled all the way.

Global AOG services

Working backwards to stay ahead

Downtime and delays can be extremely costly – for you and your customers. That's why we work backwards from your completion schedules to ensure parts and equipment arrive on time to keep potential downtime to a minimum.

Our 24/7/365 global AOG services include around-the-clock tracking and shipment monitoring, so your engineers can focus on their tasks.

We know how to keep your business in the air.

Regular supply chain services

Not all deliveries and MRO logistics are urgent matters. Often what you need the most is a reliable, stable and well-monitored supply chain. 

Having solved complex logistics worldwide every day for decades, we apply our in-depth industry knowledge of export, import, customs clearance and much more to provide customised solutions and keep your logistics running smoothly. 

Our customers include airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, refurbishers, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Global aerospace hubs

Customs-bonded warehouses

Whatever is required to get your plane back on the runway, we'll coordinate and execute from our global network of offices and large-scale aerospace hubs.

Enjoy 'one-stop-shop' solutions and dedicated service via our Customs-bonded warehouses and distribution centres. 24/7.

  • Customs bonded warehouses
  • Dangerous goods certified
  • PO Line-Item check
  • Inventory management
  • Track shipments originating from numerous locations
  • Pick and pack single and/or consolidated shipment
  • Worldwide spare parts collection
Specialised transportation services: How we help keep your business flying

Vendor Management

Visibility & Transparency

KPI management reporting

Dashboard monitoring


Picking & Packing


Supply chain management

Order planning

Real-time tracking and alerts

We call you before you call us

Closely monitoring and tracking your goods 24/7 allows us to identify and communicate potential timeline changes as soon as possible. It ensures sufficient time to take adequate steps to keep your cargo moving and get your aircraft ready for takeoff. We believe in transparency above all. Know and trust the ETA.

Whatever to wherever in time - from small appliances to advanced avionics


Seat leather and cushioning



Component/parts assembly

Upholstery, foams, and appointments

Cabinetry and appliances

Noise-suppressing materials

Whatever you need

Supply Chain Control Tower – a single point of contact

Our designated global Supply Chain Control Tower solution handles large volumes and special requirements. While providing end-to-end visibility across your supply chain, we optimise operations to ensure your goods are constantly moving.

No need to worry about the emergency exits. We’ve got you.


Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

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