Global Leadership Team

Mads Drejer

Global COO & CCO

I firmly believe in achieving results by unleashing the potential of the people across countries, regions, and functions by being open, challenging, and encouraging.

Allan Melgaard

Global CEO

I drive Scan Global Logistics on the energy of our fantastic people because I believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and no system or formula can compensate for that.

Clara Nygaard Holst

Global CFO

I believe in empowering teams and individuals through purpose-driven leadership and engaging in cross-functional collaboration as the best foundation for our company’s future development.

Morten Wagner

Global CIO

Across regions and countries, I combine data, business and IT, enabling us to be the best partner for our customers – and giving our employees the best tools to do so.

Birgitte Dam

Global VP People & Culture

I believe in enabling people to unlock their full potential. To maintain a growing and thriving organisation, it is important to continuously invest in our most valuable asset: Our People.

Jørgen Jessen

EVP Special Business Development

What drives me is our people's strong dedication and desire to make a difference and our role as a decade-long, world-leading logistics supplier to humanitarian organisations.

Ragnar Dalen

EVP Corporate Development

With an eye for detail, I apply a professional and fact-based approach to analysis and decision-making to help the organisation reach its goals and growth ambitions.

Thomas Lyck

EVP Aid & Relief and Government & Defence

I believe everyone’s voice matters and in encouraging engagement, creativity and responsibility so that, together as a team, we accomplish better results.

Henrik H.K. Christensen

Global General Counsel

I believe that teamwork isn't just a tool. On our growth journey, it's the engine that powers our success and creates value for our customers.

Steen Søgaard

CEO Nordics

I lead people by example and encourage challenging the status quo to utilise all possibilities and explore new opportunities – even if it means going left when others go right.   

Lars Syberg

CEO EMEA (excl. Nordics)

My mantra is: It is ALL about the team and the learning process towards the output rather than seeking perfection that accelerates growth and releases potential.

Rickard Ingvarsson

CEO Asia

What really drives me is inspiring colleagues through enthusiasm, energy and passion and by allowing space for freedom of thinking and empowerment to succeed. 

Søren Madsen

CEO Pacific

I build winning teams and sustainable successes through visible leadership and empowering entrepreneurship, ownership, and dedication throughout the organisational layers.

Julien Ranzato

CEO North America

By creating a strong leadership at all levels throughout my organization, it makes the company able to lift mountains and provide a best-in-class Customer service.

Jörn Schmersahl

CEO Latin America

I strongly believe in leadership empowering multicultural and cross-functional teams through clear objectives based on our virtues to benefit our customers and company.


A 'can-do-attitude'

At the core of our DNA is a ‘can-do-attitude’ and the willingness to always walk the extra mile to find the right solution.

Learn more about our Purpose, Mission, and Virtues, and how we strive to be true to our DNA and culture during organisational growth.


Global coverage. Local knowledge

With offices in countries all over the world and an international network of freight shipping companies, partners and agents, we are here to move your goods wherever, whenever.