Automotive transportation

Automotive transportation services

Whether you need white glove services for exotic vehicle transport, vehicle testing, or simple car delivery from A to B, no car is too special and no destination too far for us.

Shipping cars overseas or safe delivery to race tracks around the world makes no difference to us:

Your car, our passion. 

Putting special vehicle transport into the highest gear

Car enthusiasts at heart

As car enthusiasts with more than 20 years of experience in automotive transportation services, we treat your car as if it were registered to us.

From classics to the supercars of tomorrow, we design and create your customised transport concept.

Through constantly re-inventing and perfecting our automotive logistics solutions, you can rest assured that our specialised and tailor-made professional vehicle shipping systems and equipment will protect and safely transport your cars.

No matter your car’s peculiarity, we’ll take excellent care of your delicate vehicle through the entire transport chain.

If it has four wheels, we take it: from ordinary family cars to the most exotic

Concept cars

Design studies



Motorsports cars

Production vehicles

Tell us your secret

We’ll keep it

Secrecy is key when testing a new prototype. Getting ready for a launch, or simply transporting luxury or oldtimer cars, the whereabouts of your vehicle is our little secret.

Though we enjoy the smell of asphalt, we also use air, ocean and rail to provide you and your car with a first-class transport experience.

We go beyond all borders to take your car anywhere in the world.

Literally. Just contact us.

More than just car transportation

Safety, secrecy, and functionality in one solution

If safety and secrecy come first, the best solution for transporting your exotic car is the specially designed car shipping container for car transport: the ATBneo.

It is not only perfect for automotive transport; the ATBneo is perfect for events or presentations of cars.

The ATBneo car container ensures seamless transport and complete confidentiality throughout the whole transport chain.

However, it is not made for safety reasons alone: The two-winged container creates the perfect setting for presenting and letting your piece of craftsmanship shine in the right light.

What our partner is saying
Thanks to the compelling work from SGL mobilizing extra capacity we have kept our promises to over 1000 customers and once again demonstrated the value of strong relationships with our partners in tough times. The global conditions for vehicle logistics and supply chain management are pushing us to be problem solving and finding new ways of working. It is therefore appreciated to work with an innovative partner who always has a customer focus in mind and ensures the holistic process. This project is one of many successful stories where we turned the odds into our favor. It is with great gratitude that Volvo Cars Corporation thanks SGL for an incredible result of deliveries during Q4 2022. We look forward to share more successful stories and work closely together in the future. Thank you!

Linus Adolfsson

Senior Transport operation specialist at Volvo Cars

One, two, or four, we got room for more

From covered one-vehicle loaders for custom products to car transport with multi-loaders or car shipping containers, your cars are in safe hands with us. Our own dedicated drivers are specifically trained for special- and secrecy transportation.

You can decide, what the solution should contain, our offers are many:

Express car transport: Premium freight and time-critical logistics

Dedicated secured automotive warehousing

State-of-the-art loading equipment: Car shipping Container, car racks, and enclosed car carrier

On-site supervision by dedicated staff, documentation, and customs management

Aircraft Load Planning and Charter flight management

Global vehicle testing service

Secure Electric Vehicle (EV) and Lithium-Ion battery transport

Travel arrangements and event support

Take your car for a test drive

Heat or high-altitude testing

Take your car for heat or high-altitude testing at our testing facilities in Spain. Or let a test driver take it for a fast spin.

Whatever type of vehicle testing, we help you arrange it and plan everything around it so you can focus on what it’s about: your car.

Automotive Logistics

That can take your car anywhere you want.

Meet our global Automotive Special Logistics team. 

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

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