Low Emission Transports

Decarbonising logistics one load at a time

Your emissions are ours, too. Let's reduce them together.

Are you ready to take concrete climate actions?

Then, let's join forces.   

Part of our Sustainable Logistics solution is a suite of close-to-zero-emitting solutions for different transport modes ready to be deployed. 

As an asset-light logistics provider, we have the flexibility to select between any solution and supplier to provide you with tangible low carbon services that reduce emissions across the entire supply chain. 

That's your guarantee for effective reductions of your Scope 3 emissions.

Together we can accelerate climate actions.

Let's do it.

We are ready when you are. 

Ocean biofuel

Reduce your ocean freight CO2 emission by up to 100%

Shift to biofuel to support your journey towards your climate targets.

Let us help you take action now in a simple way:

  • Measure and scope
    We calculate your ocean freight emissions and you decide how
    much you want to reduce

  • Fuel switch
    The biofuel will be fueled into ships that would normally run on
    fossil fuel (mass balance principle)

  • Certification
    We issue a certificate on the purchased CO2 reductions verified
    by independent auditors
How can you benefit from using ocean biofuel?

Reduce your ocean freight CO2 emission by up to 100%

It counts as real CO2 reductions which enables you to meet your climate targets

The solutions is audited by an independent, certified third party to verify the processs and to ensure no doublecounting of reductions

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Biofuel as drop-in blend: up to 80% CO2 reduction

Buy SAF through us and propel your business into the
future of sustainable airfreight logistics.

In partnership with Neste, the world’s largest producer of SAF, we can help you reduce your airfreight CO2 emissions (up to 80%).

Our concept is simple:

1) First, we calculate your existing CO2 emissions

2)  You choose the level of emissions you want to reduce

3) We bring the respective amount of SAF into global airline fuel operations

Our SAF solution is targeted at the ambitious climate action to accelerate the net zero transition beyond regulatory schemes.

Through this approach, we want to ensure that our SAF concept, accounting and claims are robust and credible today and in years to come. 

Meet your climate targets

While maintaining short delivery times

No matter where in the world your transportation needs are, you have the environmental choice of SAF.

SAF counts as an actual CO2 emissions reduction contrary to offsetting and will be reflected in your CO2 Report.

We are ready to accommodate your reduction needs whenever and wherever you are. 


Maintain your supply routes while shifting to cleaner fuels on your mileage

Reduce your emissions on the main haul or pre- or post-carriage for air or ocean freight transport. 

Our solutions are made with different stakeholders along the supply chain.

The availability of technology maturity, fuel types and infrastructure will influence the solutions depending on the different geographical areas in the world.

Why use e-trucking?

Up to 99% CO2 reduction with the use of renewable energy

Less pollution, less noise, more sense-making

Ideal in cities and areas with zero emission zones

Tangible Sustainable Logistics services

Ready to actively reduce your C02 emissions? Let us help you decarbonise your supply chain. From analysing where your efforts matter the most to taking concrete action.

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