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New winds are blowing in the energy sector

Energy production is the basis for our society. It fuels our industries, our transport, and our welfare. So, when significant changes happen, it affects all of us.

In the energy sector, the green transition means a strong focus on renewable energy, e.g., wind farms and solar power plants. These are often placed in remote and difficult-to-access areas, where reliable on- and offshore transportation is needed.

Our transportation and project management services cover:

Wind turbine transport

Solar power plants

Transport of gas and oil



Project management without compromise

Onsite even in the most remote areas of the world

Our speciality is steering your next energy project safely from the production site to anywhere in the world.

Based on many years within transports of all kinds and with the execution of major transportation projects on six continents, we offer you the competence and the capacity to meet the most demanding schedules in the most remote areas.

As we are IOSH & HSE certified, you can count on our expertise and compliance so that you can focus on your project.

However oversized, we find a solution that fits

'Impossible' is not part of our vocabulary

For transport of large components over long distances to succeed, it often requires a combination of creative thinking, proactivity, safety considerations and close teamwork to meet the challenges that inevitably appear along the way.

Often alternative solutions are needed. It could involve port and quay studies to ensure the local authorities' approval of a proposed vessel solution or even building a brand-new wharf so barges can land near an otherwise inaccessible construction site.

From planning to execution, we think outside even the most oversized boxes to find a solution that fits your needs.

Fulfilling your requirements include:

Project management

Port handling, planning, and operations

Marine chartering services

Offshore support

Offshore supply vessel

Wind turbine transport – on- & offshore

Barge, vessel & specialized tonnage charter

Heavy-lift and crane operations

Inland haulage incl. bridgehead set-up

Attendance in load- & disport and onsite inspection

Engineering support

Smooth oil and gas project management

Keeping you supply chain running

Oil and gas are not ordinary goods and need special arrangements. It can be from wellhead to refinery using barges, tankers, pipelines, and different transport modes, including trucks, high-classed vessels, and railways.

Based on a close dialogue, we provide customised solutions that will match your logistics needs and deliver within time and on budget when it comes to your next oil and gas supply chain deliverables.

Expect uniform workflows

Wherever we collaborate

Our procedures and systems are aligned with the required ISO standards to ensure an optimum workflow and a consistent experience of quality and handling wherever in the world we work together.

We hold the below ISO certifications:

◾  ISO 9001

◾  ISO 14001

◾  ISO 45001

Committed to the global green transition

As part of the transport and logistics sector, we see it as our shared responsibility to limit global warming by accelerating our ESG performance and reducing CO2 supply chain emissions.

Read more about our tangible, sustainable logistics solutions for all modes of transport and our commitment to supporting the global climate change.

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

Challenge accepted. Problem solved.

Read the stories of how we have helped our Energy customers. We always find a solution.

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