Fashion & Retail Logistics worldwide

If you want to equip your customers fast, timely, and effortlessly, we manage your supply chain end to end. Physical retail or e-commerce, we tailor a complete logistics solution that meets your – and your customers’ - specific needs for transparency and on-time deliveries, locally and globally.

√ Responsiveness

√ Full visibility

√ All-in-one fulfillment solution

The fashion and retail market is growing rapidly and changing fast. Whether to manage a sudden increase in demand, to forecast peak seasons, or you want to grow your business or enter new markets, you can with us. Our Fashion and Retail supply chain management solution gives you the full overview and mandate to efficiently manage your goods’ journey from production to the final customer.

Full visibility end to end
To avoid and mitigate possible disruptions you need complete control of your logistics from production to end-user. With our one-point of entry logistics solution you gain real-time visibility and transparency of your supply chain and direct access to freight management and booking solutions.

Global presence and fulfillment network

Global fulfillment and distribution solutions minimize time-to-market, are cost-efficient, and allow you to do global business in a more sustainable way.

Our own warehouses and worldwide fulfillment partners provide you with a global network and local staff. We are dedicated to delivering the service, quality, and flexibility needed to get your goods around the world in the right time, on the right shelves and to the right front door.


All fulfillment locations are connected via our one-entry, cloud-based platform, making it easy for you to control your logistics wherever you are.

Grow your business with us

If your business grows, we support your business model. Whether your business is physical retail, e-commerce, fashion resale, or a mix, our agile solutions for global B2B and B2C growth enables you to quickly scale and grow your business with us anywhere in the world.

“Choosing Scan Global Logistics was both due to their industry knowledge, their global presence – which enables the establishment of warehouses several places – and not least that everything runs in a single and consolidated IT-system.” – MASAI

Our standard services:

  • End to end supply chain
  • Fulfillment distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Last-mile delivery

No matter your requirements, we offer extended services:

  • Air-con and ambient storage
  • Labelling/tagging
  • Ironing and rework
  • Gift wrapping/custom wrapping
  • Ticketing
  • Quality Control
  • Returns inspection
  • Own consolidation
  • Expiry date, LOT number and serial number capture