Marine & Cruise Logistics

Enjoy smooth sailing with end-to-deck marine logistics

All you need to know is what ship spares are missing

We’ll ensure the rest is smooth sailing.

Delays due to missing ship spares, marine equipment or periodic resupplying are time-sensitive operations and potentially very costly. We understand.

That’s why our services parts logistics are an all-in-one solution:

All types of vessels

All types of ship spares, no matter the size

All over the world

All-year-round access and service, 24/7

All you need to secure your supply chain in one place

All you have to do is call us.

We’ll securely and timely captain your door-to-deck solution and keep you informed all the way.

You need a special part delivered somewhere. And someone to trust to deliver it in a hurry. That’s us.

Designated one point of contact

We take on the full responsibility

From your get-go, we take on the full responsibility to find the fastest, most cost-efficient and most reliable solution.

You will be assigned a designated One Point of Contact who is backed by a global network of marine and cruise experts. Acting as one unit, we will navigate any ripples in the supply chain, including document handling, to ensure you a smooth pickup and delivery of your required marine equipment or ship spares.

And every day, we’ll keep you up to date on the tracking and monitoring of your shipment’s journey.

Reduce your costs through supply chain optimisation

Any delay while in port can cost you money, negatively impacting your bottom line.

We optimise your supply chain and keep your best financial interest in mind.


Reduced overall shipping cost 
Forecasting and planning 
Inventory control 

Benefit from complete marine logistics from bow to stern with our marine ship management software

The web-based Marine Order Management system gives you full supply chain visibility.

Complete data information sharing ensures optimum communication 24/7/365.


  Web-based application


  Instant access to shipment and purchase order details

   Flexibility to accommodate customer-specified requirements


   Accommodates PO split into multiple shipments


  Track shipments originating from numerous locations


   Manage complex consolidated shipment details


Global marine hubs & customs bonded warehouses

Our strategically placed large-scale marine hubs cover all of the seven seas. From the Americas to the Asia Pacific, we offer ‘one-stop-shop’ tailor-made solutions via our customs bonded warehouses to ensure your goods’ journey is uncompromised and timely delivered.

Whatever your needs, we take care of them – all the way:

Large-scale marine hubs

Control Towers

Services parts logistics

Inventory management

Supply chain optimisation

Shipside pick-up & onboard delivery

Payment handling for stevedores/agents

24/7 onsite operation and coordination

Customs bonded warehouse

DAP transport

Dangerous goods handling

Enjoy smooth sailing with optimised end-to-deck solutions

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