A leading provider within humanitarian logistics service

Complex logistics lending a hand to global aid and relief 

For more than 45 years, we have partnered with and been a leading provider of complex aid, development and project solutions to UN agencies and NGOs.

The humanitarian consequences of climate change are a growing concern for those partners. Climate change causes an increase in weather-related humanitarian disasters, and forces people into poverty and displacement, exacerbating the factors that lead to violent conflict in vulnerable areas around the world.

Moreover, COVID-19 significantly increased the need for vaccine deliveries globally of which we securely delivered more than 500 million vaccines globally for COVAX in 2021. 

Expectations are that the need for aid and relief operations will grow, and we will continue to support with humanitarian logistics in any form required.

Our commitment to supporting societies globally is part of our overall Sustainability efforts

Committed to help save lives and improve global health, we will:

Increase our Aid & Relief support

Enhance our capabilities and vaccine solutions

Be a leading provider of humanitarian logistics services


Keep supporting the agencies, governments and other stakeholders we partner with in line with our commitment to SDG 17

Our Sustainability Strategy

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