Fulfillment & Distribution

Manage your global growth expansion through one single e-commerce logistics solution!

Plug and play fulfillment solution

Control all your logistics through one single, cloud-based platform. Wherever you are.
The Scan Global Logistics' fulfillment and distribution solution integrates global fulfillment centers with multi-marketplaces selling and returns management. All in one place.

We support you to grow your business, interact with new consumers and market places across the globe. Quick, simple, and scalable.

The e-commerce solution allows full integration with all the top online marketplaces and webshops, which gives you a unique opportunity to expand your market without any heavy logistics or warehouse investments! It is all a part of the solution and made to fit your needs.

Our solution:
• Allows you to integrate your online and offline sales channels with our fulfillment solution
• Provides real-time visibility across all platforms to maintain optimum inventory levels
• Synchronizes with the online market places
• Is cloud-based, and accessible anytime, anywhere
• Is scalable and with an extremely low entry cost

Handle your online customers’ orders all the way from purchase to delivery!

Whether you want to expand into new consumer markets or to grow in the B2B market, our flexible e-fulfillment solution have you covered. With limited risks and low start-up costs, we make your possibilities to reach your consumers simple and easy.

Our service covers every aspect of your supply chain:
• Global fulfillment
• Online marketplace integration
• Webshop integration
• Cloud-based global inventory management
• Last Mile delivery
• Returns management

Industry-Specific Capabilities
• Air-con & Ambient Storage
• Labelling / Tagging
• Ironing & Rework
• Gift wrapping / Custom Packaging
• Expiry date, Lot number & Serial number capture
• Ticketing
• Quality Control
• Returns Inspection

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