Fulfillment & Distribution

Picking, packing, delivering

What you want. Whenever. Wherever.

  • Is your business growing out of its traditional warehousing needs?
  • Are you juggling high and low seasons with inventory capacity?
  • Or are your products fantastic, but your supply chain is not?

Either way, you risk losing your customers.

Instead, connect your sales channels with fulfillment expertise, including storage, warehousing, distribution, packaging or last-mile delivery to keep your goods moving at all times.

Easily reach your B2B or B2C customers. All we need is their address. We take care of the rest.

Fulfillment the right way

Or pack up and go home

A core function when we talk about fulfillment is to integrate perfectly.

We integrate with any major e-commerce platform. This means that all orders are processed swiftly and correctly. Our setup makes the pick and pack function highly effective and can handle several orders simultaneously.

You get access to our worldwide distribution and can easily reach your B2B or B2C customers. Utilise the one-entry platform where all locations are connected, minimising time-to-market.

Let us find the perfect and flexible solutions to your requirements.

Several extra fulfillment services are available to you. Just pick:

Online marketplace integration

Webshop integration

Cloud-based global inventory management

Last-mile delivery

Returns management

Air-con & Ambient storage

Labelling / Tagging

Ironing & Rework

Gift wrapping / Custom packaging

Expiry date, Lot number & Serial number capture


Quality Control

Returns inspection

Pick and pack


Last-mile delivery

The final phase is where you make or break it

Delivery may not sound like a big deal.

But it is.

If you’re not fast, effective and reliable, forget about customer loyalty.

Behind the scenes, there are many factors in play, including unpredictability. You need a partner that can handle this critical final run without messing it up. First attempt delivery is vital. In short, last-mile delivery can be a cost or a profit centre.

You can lose customers or make them loyal. We are here to deliver on your promise to your customers.

It's all about your webshop

One system, a million possibilities

Use our integration platform as a real-time dashboard system from anywhere worldwide.

The integration platform contains a long list of Business Intelligent features to support your sales channels better:

  • Integrate your ERP system with our WMS/fulfillment centres, websites, and marketplace platforms
  • Easily integrate online marketplaces and webshop integrations
  • Integrate packaging, last-mile delivery, return management and much more.

Fast integration is essential; API as an integration tool you may prefer to EDI. We do. APIs allow us to integrate your brand and your B2C and B2B customers with our global warehouse network.

Enjoy automatised integrations within weeks, say goodbye to heavy and manual processes and hello to focusing on what it’s about: your webshop.

Read the latest news on your future solutions in action

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The best of two worlds – how to succesfully navigate an ever-changing market

In today’s increasingly disruptive world, a customer-centric and service-oriented approach has proven highly resilient compared to the standardised, automated ‘in-a-box’ solutions often offered by the industry. Exploring SGL's unique approach to building tailor-made solutions around its customers, shows how it played a crucial role in successfully delivering a 90,000 freight tons project in Senegal.

Scan Global Logistics completes the acquisition of Foppiani Shipping & Logistics establishing presence in Italy

Scan Global Logistics' (SGL) growth journey continues with the acquisition of Foppiani Shipping & Logistics, an Italian freight forwarder with a head office in Prato. With the acquisition, SGL brings ‘Uncomplicate Your World’ to the eighth-largest economy in the world and the third-largest economy in the European Union for the first time. Foppiani, founded in 2007, is an independent freight forwarder focusing on customers in fashion and retail, automotive and a variety of other sectors.

Scan Global Logistics and Hapag-Lloyd enter into major biofuel agreement in a new Green Collaboration

Scan Global Logistics (SGL), a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, and Hapag-Lloyd, one of the world's largest container shipping lines, proudly announce a significant partnership with a multimillion-dollar ocean biofuel initiative. This landmark collaboration underscores a big step forward in both companies’ shared sustainability ambitions.

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