Control Tower

Control is not our thing. Improving your business is.

Control Tower – We control and oversee everything for you. 24/7

One 24/7 single point of contact is guaranteed to you with our supply chain Control Tower solution.

Regardless of your transportation needs or requirements, your dedicated control tower logistics team focuses on your supply chain, developing it, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Around the clock.


It’s not just about controlling it. It’s about growing your business

With our control tower solutions, you get complete end-to-end supply chain visibility.

You will receive tailor-made solutions to optimise your supply chain based on:


Weekly status meetings include:

  • Presentation of D&D Dashboard suggesting supply chain improvements
  • Team meetings discussing deployment of actions to reduce D&D charges

Did you know that our numbers show that, on average, we can reduce your D&D cost per container by ~80%?

A similar approach can be applied to cost control for freight movements in general – there is a solution for any priority.

You have the attention of our senior management

We uncomplicate any issue on a global scale

You won’t just get the attention of your dedicated support team.

You will have the attention of our senior management as well.

How is this important?

Suppose an issue starts escalating. In that case, you benefit from both highly experienced operational teams and globally assigned Account Managers at Commercial (KAM) and Operational (Program Manager) levels.

With empowerment and dedication, we will work to uncomplicate any issue on a global scale.

Summary or detail – use or reporting service

Reporting is not just about what has happened

You can use our Predictive Performance Report as a shipment reliability reporting tool to predict volumes and shipment performance over the next 3-4 weeks.

Reporting integrates big data and ‘live tracking’ of shipment status to predict performance against KPIs.

There is a solution for anything. Let us help you find yours.

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