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Event logistics that put you center stage

Any event, anywhere, anytime

From auctions and car shows to sports events and live concerts, we make it happen.

While no two events are alike, they are all equally important to us. Whether your event is big or small and no matter where in the world it's being held, professional event planning logistics are crucial for its success.

We make sure that your goods are in the right place at the right time so you can take centre stage.

Be and do your best

We do what we are best at, too

Based on years of fairs and event logistics management, our comprehensive know-how is integrated into all of our solutions to ensure that the execution of your projects will be as flexible and smooth as possible.

Our logistics experts carefully plan and execute each event while staying within budget.

However you want to shine, we put the spotlight on you:

Fairs & Tradeshows
Sports events
Performing arts
Film & Media
Music touring
Art & Auctions

Planning that will make your day

Should we get your show on the road?

Your needs and requirements are the focal points of our planning, coordinating, transporting, and execution of your event.

This means that you will get a tailor-made solution designed to help you obtain your goals. You get a Project Manager and a team with a dedicated can-do attitude that will uncomplicate your event logistics. And thanks to our global logistics network, we will find a way where most others give up.

This is how we plan your event:

Whether it's a one-stop show or a global tour, we got you covered.

This is how we execute your event to perfection:

Creating quality logistics solutions for all modes of transport

Warehousing and storage for international, time-critical, or particularly high-value cargo

Efficient time management handling and onsite management

International ATA Carnet Service, temporary imports/exports

Customs clearance handling

Risk mitigation and insurance

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