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Efficient logistics delivered on a plate

With us, you'll never run low

Instead, you'll run your business based on a safe, effective, cost-efficient supply chain tailor-made to fit your needs and requirements.

Shipping perishables and food additives worldwide is our speciality.

The 'secret' ingredient is working closely with you in a mutual partnership. Based on years of knowledge, experience and practical expertise, we act as your professional advisor in successfully navigating food transportation challenges and finding the right solutions to secure your supply chain from production to consumption.

Benefit from food logistics solutions with flexible scaling possibilities:

Handling according to the HACCP food safety principles

Door-to-door timely delivery


Safety buffer stock to ensure constant on-time delivery


Temperature-controlled shipping

Personal hygiene and safety training of our drivers at origin and destination

What our customers say
Food safety is a crucial parameter at KMC. Through our many years of partnership, Scan Global Logistics has ensured a high standard throughout the entire value chain from door to door. An important part of the partnership with SGL is that we continuously work on improvement measures in the supply chain with the common goal of reducing costs and lead-time – without compromising on food safety.

Henrik Christiansen

Purchase and Supply Chain Manager, KMC

Ensuring your customers’ production keeps running

We know your customer’s stocks cannot run low. Ever.

We make sure they stay replenished at all times.

Our flexible transport and backup solutions allow us to quickly redirect your delivery to alternative modes of transportation, from ship and train to truck and airplane, if potential delays or disruptions impact delivery time.

Quality control and assurance

Contaminated goods cost time, and money, require transport rescheduling and can cause production disruptions.

One example:
Our drivers are trained 'sniffers.' It means that if a food-grade container fails to meet the quality inspection, our drivers reject it. It's your guarantee of an uninterrupted supply chain.

With minimum re-handling and maximum transportation, we ensure your food safety.


Complete traceability of your shipment at every step of its journey

Our drivers carefully follow SOPs, current hygiene and cleaning procedures

You are supplied with the required documentation during your goods’ journey

Internal and external audits ensure we are always compliant

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In close collaboration with shippers and hauliers worldwide, our global network comes together to provide you with the ability to deliver food and additives logistics anywhere.

A range of high-end food and beverage customers consider us their preferred logistics provider; we'll be happy to be yours too.

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