Sustainability Expert Advisory

What, how, and where answered

  • Are you struggling with what to do to reduce your transport emissions?
  • Are you in doubt about getting started on the journey?  
  • Are you unsure where your carbon-reducing efforts would have the most impact on your supply chain?

Reducing transport emissions is one part of decarbonising your supply chain.

But where to start?

We can help you.

Two types of Expert Advisory are available to support your reduction journey to a good start:

Sustainable transport trends

Insights on how to decarbonise your supply chain end-to-end

With the Expert Advisory you will learn about the following:

  • Development within Sustainability Trends (Air, Ocean, Road, Rail)
  • Innovations within transport modes
  • Insights on EU ETS and CO2 tax updates and timelines
  • End-to-end Reduction Concept (Strategic approach to reducing CO2)
  • Join the decarbonisation journey and build a roadmap to net zero

External Partner Expert Advisory

One-hour free session on ESG & sustainable supply chains

  • Introduction to sustainability and ESG
  • Sustainability | ESG benchmarking against industry peers
  • Introduction to CO2 emissions and target setting
  • Strategy and roadmap on how to become a sustainable company

In partnership with our external sustainability partners.

Sustainability Report 2023

Every year, we report on our sustainability performance and progress in line with international standards and disclosure frameworks for sustainability reporting: 

1) Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

2) Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

3) Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

4) Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Tangible Sustainable Logistics services

Ready to actively reduce your C02 emissions? Let us help you decarbonise your supply chain. From analysing where your efforts matter the most to taking concrete action.

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