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Without assets or a large fleet to prioritise, we have the flexibility to select between any solution and supplier to provide the most tangible low carbon services to help reduce your emissions across the entire supply chain. 

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Read here about how we continue to accelerate our climate strategy and ESG performance.

Tangible Sustainable Logistics services

Ready to actively reduce your C02 emissions? Let us help you decarbonise your supply chain. From analysing where your efforts matter the most to taking concrete action.

Sustainability Expert Advisory

Supply chain decarbonisation is a must. But where to start to gain the most impact from your efforts?

Let us help you find out which steps to take and when.

Inspiration for your decarbonisation journey

Pamatek purchases ocean biofuel for all their projected needs in 2024

Many companies aim to reduce their CO2 emissions to achieve their climate targets. At the beginning of the year, our long-standing customer, Danish Pamatek, purchased ocean biofuel for all their expected ocean freight from China in 2024 upfront. Their decision is a commitment to reducing their ocean freight emissions by 100%, and in doing so, they will also benefit from avoiding the EU ETS surcharge on ocean freight. Their commitment confirms that CO2-neutral transport is becoming increasingly crucial for competition.

Sustainability Report 2023

Every year, we report on our sustainability performance and progress in line with international standards and disclosure frameworks for sustainability reporting: 

Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report 2023
Sustainability Report 2022

ESG DATA, SGL Group 2023
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
TCFD Disclosure

ESG DATA, SGL Group 2022
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
TCFD Disclosure



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