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Meet some of those who uncomplicate our customers' world of logistics every day.

Alvin J. Muse

Director of Truckload, North America

'My team thrives when customers come to us with complex problems. Being able to find a solution is something that we work hard on.'

Greg Barnes from Singapore

Senior Trade Lane Manager

'We need to be flexible when it comes to customers, so rather than parting our framework onto the customers, we will generally wrap ourselves around the customers and work with them on a oneway street.'

Elena Chovancak from Australia

National Client Service Manager

'We always try and try our hardest to make our customers succeed.'

Nichlas Petersen from Denmark

Head of Department, Airfreight Export Gateway

'We do not put customers in boxes, we create the boxes.'

Crystal Zhang from China

Director of Ocean Freight, Greater China

'We are not only familiar with China and local government rules and regulations, but we also understand our customers' needs.'

Eva Brasar from Sweden

Corporate Vice President, Ocean freight

'Nothing is impossible! There's got to be a solution for everything, right?'

Heather Krizan

Regional Director of Sales

'Customers choose to work with us because we are good at communicating and following through ... we don't sugarcoat anything. We deal with the situation, communicate it, and find a solution.'

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