Trans-Asian Railway

Let us lay down the tracks for you to and from Asia, Europe and the Nordics

We connect Asia and Europe so that you can connect to your customers 

The Trans-Asian Railway, also called the New Silk Road, is an environmentally friendly alternative to air and ocean freight between Greater China, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe part of our rail freight services.

Operating an extensive network of cross-Asian hubs, our local experts will make your international shipments flow safely, fast and efficiently across borders. 

Do you also need Intra-European rail freight services?

Call us. We are ready to move your cargo within Europe, including the Nordics. 

No volumes are too small

Whether you have complex, large or small volumes, we provide stable transport at stable rates.

Based on agreements with all major rail operators, our rail experts offer you fixed time schedules for both LCL and FCL with 2-3 weekly departures at stable rates. Doing our own consolidation ensures you the capacity you need when you need it.

Our rail solution experts move tons of cargo weekly from Asia to Europe.

Should we move yours, too?

Your benefits of railway transport

Consistency in your supply chain

Faster transit and lead times (a good alternative to ocean freight from Asia)

Export and import customs clearance and declaration

Cost-efficient solution due to transport of large volumes over long distances

A lower-emission impact alternative to airfreight

The New Silk Road

Smooth operations East- and Westbound

Keep your cargo flowing seamlessly from East to West and West to East with our total track solution.

When you import from China to Europa, you will benefit from our dense network of hubs ensuring door-to-door delivery of your goods via the New Silk Road. Via inland trucking or rail transport, we move your cargo from the factory to any of the major business centres across China and onto a rail hub.

LCL, FCL, or block train?

Your call. We'll set your shipment in motion

From our container freight stations or warehouses located in China’s main port cities, depending on your volumes, we offer our own LCL consolidation, FCL shipments in intermodal containers or you can even book a whole block train.

Arriving at one of our main hubs in Poland, Germany, or Denmark, we arrange distribution and last-mile delivery of your goods all over Europe and the Nordics via our extensive multi-modal distribution network.

LCL Rail schedules

Online LCL rail schedules from China to Denmark

Online LCL rail schedules from China to Sweden

Book a block train

Keep your schedule on track

A block train is the ultimate rail solution for large volumes of goods and a flexible solution to keeping your supply chain intact in the face of disruptions.

Block trains are efficiency on rails: 

They constitute 50 FEU (Forty foot Equivalent Units)

Keep your transportation cost and CO2 emissions low

Ensure predictable and efficient lead times

Provide maximum safety and require a minimum of customs procedures

You can transport anything from PPE, bulk, timber to industry materials and garments, and much more. Our block trains are 100% controlled, and tracking by real-time GPS ensures detailed reporting overviews, which you can view on daily basis.

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

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