Airfreight Charter

When your shipment needs speedy delivery

Air charter services: the fastest cargo transport

If you need supreme air cargo logistics, we guarantee:

Speed: Speedy delivery of your time-critical shipment

Capacity: Full or part aircraft charter ensures the capacity you need

Flexibility: Handling of your special cargo, oversize, and high-value goods through cargo plane chartering

Leveraging our VIP relations with carriers ensure you direct access to more than 100 airlines. Depending on your air cargo delivery needs, we charter big and small cargo planes destined for anywhere; from airports to remote areas or campsites.


Are you in need of regular or onboard courier services?

Regular airfreight services: Worldwide air cargo deliveries from airport-to-airport or door-to-door. Choose your delivery speed based on budget and time-specific needs, and we'll handle your airfreight cargo to and from anywhere.

Find the airfreight solution you need

Onboard courier services: If your shipment is time-critical, our onboard courier service is the fastest and safest solution. Our onboard courier will hand-carry your cargo all the way and personally deliver it to the recipient you request.

All about our onboard courier service

Why choose air cargo charter services?

Global reach, local expertise: Airfreight charter solutions to and from anywhere through our extensive distribution network

Expert handling: Close cross-country teamwork and local air charter experts ensure the secure handling of your cargo charter end-to-end


24/7/365 service: Benefit from our air charter desk with highly skilled charter specialists readily available 24/7

Full control end-to-end: Benefit from experienced help in planning, choice of cargo charter solution, and priority service for your important airfreight shipment


Customised charter solutions: No matter your air cargo requirements and the size of goods, we will tailor the right airfreight charter solution around your needs

Supply chain efficiency: Mitigate capacity or season fluctuations through priority access to our global air charter services

End-to-end control of your air cargo charter deliveries

Consider your air cargo lifted, landed, and delivered

Across multiple time zones, our air cargo charter services include:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

With extensive experience and fast access to the latest information on aircraft availabilities and airfield infrastructure, our global airfreight charter team renders full control of your shipment, from its timing and security during transport all the way to your designated airport, remote camp, or airstrip.

Guaranteed capacity for high-priority aircraft cargo charter

A convenient, fast, and reliable solution

Whether large volumes, oversized goods, perishables, cars, pharma and healthcare, emergency relief, or other types of sensitive commodities, our air cargo charter services guarantee the capacity you need when you need it - a convenient, fast, and reliable solution for your high-priority air cargo.

Dedicated, experienced charter experts will make arrangements on both a scheduled and ad-hoc basis to ensure the continual flow of your air cargo goods - effectively, timely, and safely. 

Learn more about the high-value goods we charter planes for:

AutomotivePharma & HealthcareAid & Relief

Customised worldwide air freight charter services:

Full and part air cargo charter
Chartering of one or more cargo planes
Passenger flights

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

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