Air charter

Tailored Air Services – when you cannot use an ordinary departure

Scan Global Logistics Air Charter is your solution for urgent airfreight. Scan Global Logistics Air Charter can be both the fastest, safest and most economical way of transporting spare parts that are vital for any production line where standstill means money down the drain.

Scan Global Logistics deliver tailored air services to meet the most demanding schedules, even if these are in some of the most remote areas, and at the best possible rates.

We can provide an aircraft for every requirement: from the smallest aircraft to the giant Antonov 225 freighter. All over the world!

  • Part & Full chartered aircrafts
  • Oversize airfreight
  • Heavy deliveries
  • Charters to and from remote locations

Value added services

We have long-term expertise in all aspects of cargo aircraft chartering. We strive to get a dialogue with our customers how we can support with a solution with bottom line focus. Dedicated staff, highest level of service carrying out the operation and make things happen is where SGL make the difference.

Ole Lund, Head of Department Charter & Relief, Scan Global Logistics A/S, says

Our wide and intensive experience combined with our ability in having fast access to the latest information on aircraft availabilities and airfield infrastructure, our air charter department sets you in control of your shipment, its timing and its security during transport all the way to your doorway or production Line.