On-board Courier

We'll take your time-critical shipment safely by the hand

We'll hurry, so you don't have to worry

Imagine this.

Your production is facing shutdown because of a vital spare part missing, or a hard drive with confidential data needs urgent delivery halfway around the world. In other words, your important cargo requires fast handling and delivery - now!

Don't worry.
We'll turn your worries into peace of mind.

Our onboard courier service (OBC) will board the first available airplane to escort your time-sensitive goods person-to-person anywhere in the world - fast, easy, and reliable.

And, are you not in a hurry, let us help you with regular airfreight services anywhere in the world, too. 

What can our onboard courier hand-carry for you?

Urgently needed production line spare parts and components

Critical documents

Music instruments

Goods of high value

Exhibition items

Healthcare equipment

Commodities, garments, etc.

Even if we must run to catch the plane, we'll hand-carry your time-critical shipment anywhere, anytime, day or night

Personal delivery of your onboard courier shipment

Maximum speed, security, and special handling

If you are looking for onboard courier service, we know you are looking for speedy, secure, and special handling and delivery of your time-critical shipment.

That's why we take full responsibility and hand-carry your shipment from wherever you prefer, be it your factory, production facility, office, or airport. During the entire journey, you will receive text message updates on your courier shipment's progress from 'onboarding' to 'arrived' from our courier.

Suppose your shipment is too big for cabin baggage?

In that case, we check it in with the highest priority.

Either way, our onboard courier will accompany your shipment all the way and personally deliver it to the recipient. 

We’ll focus all our attention on your OBC shipment to ensure you:

The fastest transit times

The smoothest customs clearance

The safest delivery person-to-person

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

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