Our greatest source of value

Employee engagement, development and diversity

As an asset-light company, our people are the greatest source of energy and value.

Prioritising our people is part of building a unique corporate culture and capability within the transport and logistics industry that underpins our ambitious growth strategy.

Our highest priority is to position SGL as the most meaningful company within the logistics industry in order to attract, retain and develop the best people.

Read all about our Sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) priorities.

Committed to creating a meaningful workplace, we will:

Underpin our growth by providing our people with meaningful work and opportunities

Increase employee engagement, development and diversity and create inclusive workplaces where everyone can succeed

Minimise safety hazards and injuries to ensure the health and safety of anybody related to us

Our four fundamental virtues guide us:

Respect: We don’t believe in entitlement, but that all human beings are equal in worth no matter who they are or what they do

Entrepreneurship: We don’t believe in being flawless, but in the ability to combine perseverance with innovation to get things done and learn from our mistakes

Integrity: We don’t only believe in good intentions, but in honesty and execution to have the least possible distance between what we say and what we do

Fun: We don’t merely believe in protocols, but in fostering an informal atmosphere powered by positive energy for human relationships to prosper

Some of our 2021 progress in highlights:

Diversity: Improved the ratio of female employees to 47%, supporting strong gender diversity in a traditionally male industry

Training: Trained 1,867 employees who successfully completed 17,430 courses in the SGL Group Academy

Meaningfulness: Maintained a score of 77% in our annual employee Meaningfulness Questionnaire (MQ) during a period of high market volatility

Our Sustainability Strategy

Supported by our four ESG priorities - click to read about the other three below

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