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Military transports worldwide

Troops and military equipment transport for exercises and international missions

As an integral part of the supply chain solutions within the UN, NATO, for DoD Contractors, and various country MODs, including the United States Government and the Danish Defence, some of them for more than 15 years, we know you need a partner you can rely on to defend your supply chain.

Whether military equipment, personnel or AOG shipments, we will arrange for any mode of transport required for safe and timely delivery anywhere in the world.

Staying at the supply chain forefront
Defence logistics and military transport under extreme conditions require a strategic partner out of the ordinary.

With representation in the form of our own offices, agencies, or other permanent liaisons, we guarantee vital logistics support and mission-critical contingency planning in some of the world's most remote and volatile regions.

Trust us. We always know your next move.

What our customers say
We were looking for a partner who could provide full product flow visibility, had the right digital solutions, and was meticulous and willing to set goals for continuous improvement. We are convinced that we have entered the right partnership with Scan Global Logistics

Kristian Juul Rasmussen

Shipping Manager, Terma

Complying with all requirements, we stand ready to assist you with:

Deployment logistics

Foreign military sales

Critical spare parts and customs brokerage

Project execution based on decades of hands-on experience

Diligent preparation & planning
Our project execution is designed to serve your projects. Your success comes down to people and competencies. Our project experts are part of our global competence center, but will change from white-collar to skilled and experienced on-the-ground support on any given project at any time.
Operating model
How we operate is embedded in our ways and applied to every project: Planning, execution, and preparation of contingency plans. Our operation model constantly predicts any potential risk scenario, including mitigation. All in close cooperation with you.
Lessons learned
Each project provides essential information that can help improve future operations to secure operational excellence. Through our lessons learned process, we ensure improvement of our best practises, while sharing all our insights with you for the benefit of your project management.

Global deployment and redeployment

For exercises and missions anywhere

From the most remote, volatile, or hostile environments in Africa, the Middle East, or the Arctic Area to mature regions like Europe and the USA, our highly skilled team of experts is with you – always present on the ground and always on call in the control tower.

It’s how we ensure a seamless, reliable, on-time, and safe execution of any kind of military logistic project.

Our on-ground support has participated in multiple missions and exercises globally, providing them with a deep understanding of the challenges of political instability, volatile security, poor infrastructure and incomplete information in regions with political tension. Always at your service. 

What our customers say
Thank you to the amazing SGL team for their dedication and efforts in making this collaboration possible. It marks our commitment to optimising our logistics and delivering even better value to our customers through continuously strengthening our supply chain. We are excited and confident that Scan Global Logistics and Terma are a good match

Troels Dittmer Andersen

Category Manager, Terma

Control any scenario

360 degrees overview

In a crisis or critical situation, response time and flexibility are of the essence.

With real-time 24/7 updates from field teams and GPS tracking, our Control Tower function handles all contact in a single competence centre that covers all transport modalities (air, road, rail, and ocean).

Key personnel and management with long-time knowledge of defence logistics and MOD contracts are your guarantees that the situation will be handled in the best possible way focusing on the most reliable and effective solution.

Our close collaboration enables you to stay on top of any development in the situation and act accordingly.

Government Services available

Approved DoD Carrier (DoS/GSA contract carrier)

US Bank Power Track Enabled

Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)

EAR Compliant

Major Participant - Direct Procurement Method

(DPM) for Commercial Unaccompanied


Live Operations Staff Support

ITAR Registration and Compliance

IATA/ICAO Approved


TSA Approved Indirect Air Carrier

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