CO2 Reduction Concept

How to reduce your transport emissions

4 steps to reduce your transport emissions

Through our 4-step CO2 end-to-end Reduction Concept you will know exactly how to reduce your transport emissions, set clear targets and have a detailed implementation plan.

Of course, with our expert assistance from beginning to end. 

Step 1:

Assessment of your current transportation set-up to gain full transparency of where your reduction efforts will have the most impact through the CO2 Emissions Report.

Step 2:

Identifying your opportunities through eight reduction levers across:

  • Transport suppliers and modes
  • Optimisation and innovation
  • Cost and transit time impacts

Step 3:

Setting concrete and actionable targets and outline your plan.

Step 4:

Together, we implement your transport emission reductions one by one. 


 The CO2 Reduction Concept is part of our suite of Sustainable Logistics solutions available to help you decarbonise your supply chain. Call us to discuss your options. We are on the journey together. 

Sustainable logistics is not only about doing 'the right thing'. It's about thinking, deciding, and acting differently today than yesterday.

CO2 Investing for unavoidable emissions

Invest in climate projects

Balance your CO2 emissions by investing in climate projects to counter your unavoidable emissions and support climate actions somewhere else in the world. 

You will receive a UN certificate of investment.

Let us help you find the projects that contribute to cancelling or avoiding emissions in the world as we embark on the decarbonisation journey together.

Tangible Sustainable Logistics services

Ready to actively reduce your C02 emissions? Let us help you decarbonise your supply chain. From analysing where your efforts matter the most to taking concrete action.

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