CO2 Reduction Partnerships

1 + 1 + 1 = accelerating supply chain decarbonisation

To effectively reduce carbon transport emissions and meet our ambitious climate targets, we must work together. 

Leveraging our role at the centre of the supply chain, we coordinate initiatives with customers, freight transport operators, and external partners to develop low or net-zero emissions transport and Sustainable Logistics solutions.

However, we don't stop there.

We also help to create demand for them. We see this as a key responsibility.


Join us today in co-creating tomorrow's upstream and downstream low carbon solutions.

We offer two types of partnerships:

Partnership with us

Choose the best solution - everyday

Enter into a partnership with us to reduce your CO2 emissions every year and reach your future climate targets. 

We support your journey step-by-step in your yearly CO2 emission reductions.

Let’s discuss which of our Sustainable Logistics services will best fit your set-up.

Partnerships on sustainable solutions

Gain intelligence and knowledge on CO2 reductions

Do you want to show supply chain leadership?

Then, we co-facilitate joining larger partnerships with other companies, organisations, and supply chain stakeholders to stay at the forefront of the decarbonisation journey and drive climate actions throughout global supply chains.

The partnerships offer the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge on reducing your emissions. 

Some of your possible future partnerships include: 

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative

1,5°C Supply Chain Leaders

SME Climate Hub

E-trucking partnerships

Zero Carbon Fellowship

Some of the 1,5°C Supply Chain Leaders we work with. Want to join us?

Tangible Sustainable Logistics services

Ready to actively reduce your C02 emissions? Let us help you decarbonise your supply chain. From analysing where your efforts matter the most to taking concrete action.

Sustainability Expert Advisory

Supply chain decarbonisation is a must. But where to start to gain the most impact from your efforts?

Let us help you find out which steps to take and when.

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