Customs clearance

Let Scan Global Logistics take care of your clearances!

Own professional clearance team

Scan Global Logistics has a professional clearance team, who ensure that our customers use as few resources as possible on clearance. The team handles clearances for all Scandinavian countries. For other countries, Scan Global Logistics use local professional customs brokers. For more information, please contact your local Scan Global Logistics office.

As experts in customs clearance, we ensure you better liquidity and less trouble. We work in close dialogue with our customers, giving us the most optimal conditions for choosing the right tariffs and the optimal calculation forms, ensuring the best solutions and combinations.

Ensuring correct classification

Our expertise covers areas such as plain purchases, inward processing, outward processing, preferential customs, customs warehousing and returns & repair.
Based on our customers' product descriptions and our expertise, you are sure to get the correct tariff number for new as well as existing products. We follow the trends closely in regards to product codes, tariffs and trade regulations of anti-dumping - and we offer you the best solutions whenever an opportunity arises.
Wrong classification might mean you pay more than necessary or pay too little and risk delays and fines. We ensure you get the right solutions according to legislation in Scandinavia.

Advise and guarantee

In addition, Scan Global Logistics is AEO-certified, which proves that we are doing things right. We guarantee that all procedures and deadlines are kept while we focus on giving you the best liquidity. We can advise you regarding your company's VAT accounts, specifically in relation to freight and purchase. We can provide a service where we review your clearances for the past three years - our experience is that it is realistic to have tax money returned. Many companies haven’t got the resources to make these reviews themselves.

Finally, we advise on Incoterms and Customs refund, and we can assist on filling out forms and applications for BTI (Binding Tariff Information).

Customs brokerage services are provided in the United States by Transfair North America International Freight Services, LLC, a licensed customhouse broker with a national permit.