Customs Clearance

When paperwork can save you money and time

Get your customs right and save yourself a huge amount of trouble and money.

Did you know that more than 41% fill out their customs declaration wrong?

For many, customs clearance and declarations are simply a matter of paperwork and formalities. But not handling the paperwork correctly, paying attention and understanding the world of customs can easily result in the shipment being stuck where it should have been on the move. That could have a significant financial impact on your business.

That is why we take your paperwork very seriously.


Stay updated and compliant

In a highly dynamic world, tariffs, rules, and regulations constantly change. It is very easy to fall into a situation unforeseen by most. Don’t be one of them.

Tax and customs authorities go several years back to check, and fines in the 13 million EUR class have been seen. So, skimping on the quality of your declarations and customs routines can be extremely costly.

A few more recent examples are tariffs, taxes, and regulations pertaining to imports and exports between China, the US, and Russia. But it goes way beyond these countries and requires deep insights into handling specific types of goods, assessing the value of the specific goods – or elements of a shipment – and, not least, knowing the rules and regulations of the countries involved.

Let us worry about fees, excise duties, new rules, local requirements, and other customs challenges on a local and global scale.


AEO Certification – your guarantee that customs always see your goods as a priority

Benefit from our vast expertise within customs and declarations. We have AEO certification guaranteeing you the highest standards and a priority with customs, ensuring that any issues are not left unsolved but are addressed by a dedicated person at the customs authorities.

Focus on more critical tasks while we take care of national customs regulations, import and export declarations, warehousing, customs invoicing and declaration forms.

In fact, we are doing so well in these areas that we are regularly asked to assist new customers with tax and customs issues.

Let us help you avoid any discrepancies by monitoring and controlling your customs documents and providing access to our experts.

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