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From a local Danish freighter to a global provider across all continents


From 1975 until today

The core business of SGL Group was established back in the years 1975 and 1989 in Denmark. Since then, we have expanded our footprint to all six continents, growing our experience and knowledge to become one of the leading experts in the freight forwarding industry.

Get a quick overview of the Milestones 

Mahé Freight founded

ScanAm Transport founded

Sold to Odin Equity, Mahé merges with ScanAm. Founding of Scan Global Logistics

Enter into a strategic alliance partnership with TransGroup Worldwide Logistics

SGL Group and TransGroup sold to U.S. private equity firm AEA Investors

Allan Melgaard was appointed Group CEO of Scan Global Logistics. Acquisition of Airlog Group and CrossEurope

Acquisition of Kestrel Freight in Australia and Macca Logistics in Africa

Acquisition of IQS Group, BK Spedition, IC Logistics, and SGL Spain. SGL Express Courier and SGL E-Commerce established as an independent company

Acquisition of Pioneer (Australia) and the Air & Ocean activities from Post Nord AB (Sweden). Start-up activities in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Cambodia with a subsequent asset deal Introduced a new sustainability strategy and published our first standalone sustainability report

Acquisition of Werner Global Logistics (Air & Ocean activities), Grupo Contenosa, Orbis Global Logistics, and Horizon International Logistics. Start-up activities in France, South Africa, Togo, and Benin

Acquisition of bison Services, B.C. Dispatch, D&W, Trust Forwarding, Trust Forwarding SE, NO & DK, AFL Logistics - American Freight Line Southeast, Sea-Air Logistics, Gelders Forwarding, Advection Logistics including one minority investment

Acquisition of Sand Road Freight, Belglobe GmbH, ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH and ETS Fulfillment GmbH, 3PL Logistics Inc., FLS – Freight and Logistics Solutions Lda, ENK Logistics and Gardermoen Parcel Xpress DA. Start-up activities in Romania and Kenya. CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII (CVC) acquire a majority shareholding in SGL from current investor AEA, remaining a minority shareholder. Nils Smedegaard Andersen was appointed Chairman of the Board, and Thomas Nieszner joined the Board of Directors.

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