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Granada Testing Centre

Discover Granada automotive testing centre

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada, Spain, you'll find our unique vehicle testing facilities. Complete with workshop space and special equipment, this is the place to test your car.

Ideal for testing of:



Low and high temperature

High speed

If you are looking for a place for your next turn-key testing project, we help with everything from pre-planning and coordinating the vehicle logistics to endurance test drivers and local staff.

Every vehicle arriving at our facilities, we greet and treat with the utmost respect and care. As if it was our own.

In fact, we love cars. Period. We safely transport any type of automotive all over the world. You can trust your precious with us.   

You test – we do the rest

Don’t worry about anything other than testing. We arrange all -including packages and travel arrangements for both you and your car:

  • Travel organisation and flight bookings with our in-house IATA travel office
  • Pre-planning and organisation of testing events
  • Documentation and pick & pack of your testing equipment
  • Organising and preparing car transport for your test vehicles (enclosed car carrier)
  • Support your vehicle testing according to your specific requirements
  • Fuel logistics (purchasing and certified disposal of special fuels and drums)
  • Workshops and facilities on site
  • Local support (translator, security staff, drivers)
  • Experienced drivers for endurance and durability testing

Our facilities and services allow you to fully concentrate on your core tasks while we take care of all organisational matters.

Global Automotive Testing Support

We keep your car on the safe side. 

Watch to visit the state-of-the-art testing facilities in Granada, Spain. 

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