Low-volume shipments to worldwide destinations

LCL: Less than Container Load

LCL is the optimum solution for low-volume shipments. Instead of juggling several carriers and time schedules yourself, enjoy a good tailwind by letting us do it for you.

LCL is part of our worldwide ocean freight services


LCL is direct, weekly departures door-to-door delivery from anywhere to anywhere.

In close collaboration with local and global carriers, we offer departures worldwide to and from all major ports. Our local experts will choose the right routing, book your space and do everything in their power to deliver your goods on time according to your specific requirements.

See our LCL Schedule, Denmark

See our LCL Schedule, Sweden

Cost-efficiency and reliability in one

Yet another LCL shipment is leaving tomorrow – shall we book yours, too?

Consolidate your small-volume cargo via one of our more than 500 regional consolidation service hubs.

You only pay for the space allocated for your goods but enjoy the cost-efficiency and departure reliability of our global LCL-network, shipping massive volumes weekly. 

LCL to FCL conversion

At what volumes do FCL become a better deal?

We do ongoing calculations and will let you know when we suggest you convert. With LCL to FCL conversion, you will maximise your load factor, cut costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. If you want less handling and risk or want to benefit from buyer’s consolidation, FCL is also the better choice.

Control your LCL shipment and follow its route live via our flexible and state-of-the-art IT tools and solutions set up or call our LCL shipping experts for assistance anytime during shipment.

We are here for you and your cargo. All the way.

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

What ocean freight services do you need?

LCL (Less-than-Container Load: Do you not have enough cargo to fill an entire container and not enough time to accumulate enough goods? LCL is a cost-effective, flexible solution to transport your goods and reduce your lead time.  

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LCL schedules:

LCL Schedule Denmark

LCL Schedule Sweden


FCL (Full-Container Load): Do you have consistent full-container loads of goods, FCL is the optimum solution. Effective, faster lead times and port-to-port, door-to-door transport of your goods worldwide.

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Break bulk: Any type of large-scale cargo load; oversized, overweight or both, is our speciality. Get a tailor-made solution for your non-standardised shipment. On time, on budget, to and from anywhere.

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Ocean charter: The right type and size of vessel is crucial for a successful delivery of your oversize, non-standardised goods. Our charter shipping experts will provide full, half or part charter solutions to move your tonnage.

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