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Whenever aid is needed, we are ready to mobilise

Wherever your help is needed, we help you get it there.
Safely. Quickly.


For more than 45 years, the UN and NGOs have relied on us as one of their preferred and leading providers in humanitarian aid logistics.


Local presence in strategic locations – we know time and reliability are of the utmost importance to your development aid and relief efforts. Our global network with local presence and know-how is ready to move the minute you call - anywhere in the world.

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Experienced and trained personnel – with 45 years of experience in humanitarian logistics, our dedicated staff offers you unparalleled local knowledge, expertise and competencies to assist your operations – anywhere in the world.

Infrastructure where there is none – if there's no road, we build one. Whether sailing on non-scheduled routes or setting up emergency warehousing, we ensure a secure humanitarian supply chain to deliver your supplies and equipment where they are needed - safely and timely.

So, whether you work with humanitarian disasters, peacekeeping operations, natural disasters or geopolitical instability, you can rely on us to stand ready 24/7 to mobilise the efficient humanitarian supply chain required to deliver your goods.

Sustainable supply chain solutions for humanitarian aid

Did you know that we offer a range of tangible, low emissions solutions to reduce your CO2 transport emissions?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) can provide you with the potential to reduce airfreight emissions by up to 80%

Low-emitting trucking allows you to shift to cleaner fuels and technologies

A CO2 emissions report provides you with a complete and consolidated overview of all your supply chain emissions on all transport modes

Receive the highest priority for your relief work in Africa

Locally present in several regions of Africa, we use our own assets and drivers to move and track your goods with the highest priority. We know local customs and infrastructure to deliver supplies and equipment safely and effectively to field offices and those in need.   

Last-mile delivery may require traversing the desert for days or manoeuvring in a high-risk or landslide-tormented area. To us, it's a circumstance, not a problem.

We always find a solution to deliver your shipments of any nature or size.

We know how to.

Count on us to deliver what you need - safely, timely, door-to-door:

Vaccines, facemasks and medicinal products

Hospital and medical equipment

School-in-a-box equipment

Peacekeeping equipment

All types of vehicles and spare parts

And much more

Humanitarian logistics

From dispatch to delivery

We handle all aspects of your shipment - from PO management, the physical transportation and handling to delivery within the required timeframe.

Your project's safety and integrity guide our every action.

Supporting global humanitarian response

Ensuring resilience and sufficient capacity in the supply chain

We have signed the World Economic Forum industry charter for Humanitarian Supply Chain Resilience and have committed, in collaboration with airlines, shipping lines and other logistics providers, to create resilience and build capacity in humanitarian logistics.

See the charter and signatories below.


We move everything but mountains

From lightweight items to heavyweight gear

We carry anything you need to and from anywhere.

Let us give you some ideas of what it could be:

Whatever you need to be moved, we've got the experience, right people and mindset to do it.


When an ordinary departure won't do the job

Often, emergency logistics involve no or poor infrastructure, capacity issues, or a fight against time to get help to the ones in need.

When scheduled departures won't necessarily do the job, charter is the answer.

As your end-to-end supplier, we offer combined, part or full air and ocean charter to meet your delivery needs, schedule, and requirements.
From the smallest aircraft or vessel to the biggest commercial air freighter or container ship, our local network will transport and deliver your goods to and from even the remotest and hardest-to-reach destinations in the world. It's what we do.

Solving urgent COVID-delivery for a customer

Rows of boxes instead of passengers

Problem: Urgent need for PPE equipment from China to Spain but no cargo flights are available.

Solution: Quickly converting passenger flights into cargo flights.

Result: Fast delivery of 40 mill facemasks to the distributor in Spain to support the fight against COVID.

Value-added services

If you need a little extra. We've got lots of expertise.

Challenge accepted. Problem solved.

Read the stories of how we have helped our Aid & Relief customers. We always find a solution.

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