Racing for time with Volvo Cars and Polestar

The global conditions for vehicle logistics and supply chain management required Volvo Cars to problem-solve and find new ways (sometimes literally) to keep transports on the move. Facing bad weather conditions on top, they turned to us to help make over 1000 customers happy.

'Thanks to the compelling work from SGL mobilising extra capacity, we have kept our promises to over 1000 customers and once again demonstrated the value of strong relationships with our partners in tough times, says Linus Adolfsson – Senior Transport Operation Specialist at Volvo Cars.


The Challenge

Volvo Cars and affiliate brand Polestar needed to deliver 1351 cars to 4 markets and 77 dealers. The challenge was a two-week lead time from request to first delivery, congestion in all European ports, difficult weather conditions and finding capacity. Not to mention setting up framework, routines and processes, incl. customs clearances, to be able to deliver the cars before the end of 2022.


The solution

The solution required a solid understanding of the automotive industry and why speed was of the essence. All hands were on deck to mobilise all resources internally and externally. Volvo Cars and Polestar were open to alternative ways, for instance, using regular ferry companies instead of typical car-transportation solutions, thus bypassing the challenges of congested ports. Finally, despite bad regional weather, our experienced drivers secured safe road delivery.

Linus Adolfsson continues:

We appreciate working with an innovative partner who always has a customer focus in mind and ensures a holistic process.                                                                                                                        This project is one of many success stories where we turned the odds in our favour. It is with great gratitude that Volvo Cars Corporation thanks SGL for an incredible result of deliveries during Q4 2022. We look forward to sharing more success stories and working closely together in the future. Thank you!


The result

Delivering all 1351 cars within the last 10 weeks of 2022 was a success. Volvo Cars and Polestar reached their sales target for the individual markets and avoided penalty fees due to late delivery. Finally, more than 1000 Volvo Cars and Polestar owner could pick up their new cars as promised – in mint condition.

We are always ready to move into action to keep your shipments on the go.

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