Pamatek purchases ocean biofuel for all their projected needs in 2024

25 Mar, 2024

From left to right: Patrick Skovbo, Chief Sales Officer, Pamatek - Merete Hosbond, Project Procurement Specialist, Pamatek - Ulrik Jensen, Head of Ocean LCL Product Denmark, Scan Global Logistics - Johnny Møller, CEO Pamatek

Many companies aim to reduce their CO2 emissions to achieve their climate targets. At the beginning of the year, our long-standing customer, Danish Pamatek, purchased ocean biofuel for all their expected ocean freight from China in 2024 upfront. Their decision is a commitment to reducing their ocean freight emissions by 100%, and in doing so, they will also benefit from avoiding the EU ETS surcharge on ocean freight. Their commitment confirms that CO2-neutral transport is becoming increasingly crucial for competition.

Pamatek is a supplier of technical components and products and a subcontractor to several major lighting and interior design brands. The company is experiencing an increasing demand from some of its market-leading customers to reduce its overall CO2 footprint. Patrick Skovbo, Chief Sales Officer, Pamatek, explains how CO2-neutral transport is becoming an increasingly crucial competitive parameter:

'For many of our customers, documentation of sustainable transport is a crucial sales parameter in winning large orders they might not otherwise be considered for. Therefore, our collaboration with SGL to use 100% sustainable fuel on all our ocean freight from China has been received very positively and has helped us stay competitive. We view it as an opportunity to improve our positioning and ensure the future of our business.'

Collaboration promotes sustainable solutions

Many customers opt for alternative fuels, such as ocean biofuel, for selected freight routes to optimise their operations. However, Pamatek takes a different approach by purchasing sustainable fuel for the year upfront. This decision involves a calculated risk between the expected consumption and a clear goal to reduce their emissions as much as possible.

Pamatek's commitment to reducing emissions is further emphasised by the fact that any excess biofuel left at the end of the year cannot be carried over to the following year's consumption if the 2024 emissions do not meet the calculations. Vise versa, Pamatek will supplement its biofuel supply if consumption is higher than expected at the end of the year, for instance, due to extended sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, which may be necessary because of the recent uncertainty in the Red Sea.

However, Pamatek’s ambitions extend beyond ocean freight. The company is also actively exploring opportunities in road and airfreight. Based on our good experiences with, for instance, customers in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands purchasing drop-in sustainable trucking fuels, we are in discussions regarding a sustainable transition for Pamatek's last-mile container freight. Additionally, they are considering our Sea-Air combination of ocean and airfreight as a sustainable alternative to reduce CO2 emissions for some of its customers.

Ulrik Jensen, Head of Ocean LCL Product Denmark, says:

'Companies must take action now to achieve their 2030 reduction targets, and Pamatek is playing a crucial role in setting the standard. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with Pamatek on the ocean LCL product, as it helps develop innovative solutions and approaches that align with our shared climate objectives.’

Merete Hosbond, Project Procurement Specialist, Pamatek, elaborates: ‘We aim to impact the world positively, also recognising the commercial value of reducing our emissions and providing CO2-neutral transport options for our customers.' 

She continues elaborating on exploring more future solutions together:

We have a strong and long-standing partnership with SGL for all our ocean and airfreight shipments. Their sustainability-focused mindset and willingness to support our sustainability journey have strengthened our collaboration. 

Sustainable fuel has several benefits

Ocean biofuel is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also help companies achieve their reduction targets. Starting from 1 January 2024, the EU imposed fees for fossil fuel-powered ocean freight to or via Europe as of 1 January 2024. Companies like Pamatek can avoid these fees by purchasing ocean biofuel instead.

In 2023, many of our customers benefited from using consolidated container freight on a specific route connecting Europe and the United States, which ran on ocean biofuel. Pamatek's recent initiative to procure ocean biofuel for their LCL ocean freight from China to Europe adds to our extensive catalogue of sustainable transport solutions.


How Pamatek purchased ocean biofuel - step by step


  • December 2023: SGL uses its CO2 Report to estimate Pamatek’s 2024 emissions based on their 2023 ocean freight volume

  • January 2024: Pamatek purchases ocean biofuel to cover its estimated fuel consumption in 2024 upfront

  • January 2024: SGL issues 'Procurement certificate' as proof of purchase

  • During 2024: SGL facilitates the replacement of traditional fuel with ocean biofuel on cargo ships and issues certificates for the CO2 reductions, which are independently audited

  • End of 2024: If Pamatek's actual CO2 emissions exceed the purchased amount of sustainable fuel, they will buy the volume corresponding to the difference


Trickle-down effect 
We are noticing a growing trend among our customers to pressure suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. This is confirmed by Johnny Møller, CEO of Pamatek, who states: 'Sustainable transport is increasingly becoming a differentiator. At a recent international trade fair, some customers were more interested in our CO2-reducing measures than our prices.' 

Pamatek uses this constructively by challenging and supporting its subcontractors, such as China, to adopt sustainable production methods.  


Facts about our sustainable products

  • Reduce your ocean freight emissions by up to 100% depending on the specific life cycle analysis of the fuel
  • Reduce your road transport emissions by up to 100% with e-trucks or trucking biofuel
  • Combine ocean and airfreight and reduce your emissions by up to 50%

Sustainable fuels are available globally wherever your transportation needs are.


About Pamatek 

Pamatek is a supplier of technical components, semi-finished and finished products. They deliver everything from stand-alone items to complete solutions. With over 20 years of experience in project management, construction, development, and production of components and products, procurement, logistics and outsourcing of wage-intensive tasks, they offer advice and professional guidance for construction and development. They aim to ensure the best result, high quality, and durability throughout the process. The company was founded in 2006 and has 27 employees in Denmark and at its factory in China.  


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