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    Scan Global Logistics continues expanding in Africa - opens office in Mombasa, the coastal gateway to East and Central Africa
    Following the successful entry in Kenya, Scan Global Logistics has opened its second office in the country in the coastal city of Mombasa. As the major port of discharge in the region, the seaport serves as the gateway to East and Central Africa. In collaboration with the existing Nairobi office, the dual representation will enable SGL to compete effectively with industry leaders and provide customers with competitive local and regional logistics solutions.
    Scan Global Logistics expands further in Europe with a new office in Marseille, France
    Scan Global Logistics continues to expand its presence in Europe by opening a new office in Marseille, marking its fourth establishment in France since its initial opening in Lille in 2021. This new office provides direct access to France's second-largest commercial port area, and trade routes to Asia, particularly China and the USA, will be of primary importance initially. However, the port's direct connectivity to Africa and the Middle East presents significant business prospects in these regions.
    Red Sea Update: The carrier limbo dance triggering increased uncertainty
    Although three major ocean freight alliances are in place for sharing vessel capacity, recent events have made it painfully apparent that this does not translate into consistency in risk assessments, routing decisions, and schedule reliability. Most apparent has been the limbo dance performed by Maersk, which, in recent days, has completed a U-turn on the decision to once again transit through the Red Sea and Suez Canal.