We’ll keep the cars rolling, even when the wheels are not!

The presence of a dedicated and over 20-years-of-experience IQS Team was essential for the success of a major recent project for the BMW Group.

BMW assigned the IQS Group, a part of the Scan Global Logistics family, to transport various vehicle models from Europe to Asia. BMW make fast cars and expect fast delivery. The time frame and the number of vehicles made it necessary to charter a full 747 Cargo Aircraft from Airbridge Cargo. We managed and handled all aspects - from load planning until final loading into the Aircraft.

cars in warehouse

The BMW Group vehicles were built on airline equipment and IQS-owned car racks in cooperation with Cargogate employees trained in handling vehicles. Due to the complexity of the load plan and different vehicle models a maximum of flexibility was essential to use the optimum loading space and to ensure that all vehicles will depart as planned.

We would like to thank the BMW Group for the confidence they have put in our abilities. We would also like to thank Airbridge Cargo and Cargogate for the excellent cooperation.

Teamwork, insights and experience made the difference. Now we look forward to the next joint project!