Global Warehousing & Storage Services

Warehousing by Scan Global Logistics

Tailored warehouse and storage solutions

By analyzing and recognizing your needs we can offer a tailored solution, whether you are looking for storage in bulk, on shelves, in racks or with special security standards.

Are you in a market where you need the possibility to expand or have seasonal fluctuations?       we can meet these needs by providing a flexible warehouse solution and giving you a logistical advantage.

To outsource your company’s logistics service is a big decision and requires a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. In Scan Global Logistics we have the experience to support your business and can challenge your process from supplier’s producer to customer’s customer in order to get an even more efficient supply chain.

Scan WMS

Transparency is the key to a well-balanced satisfaction and trust, that’s why we provide you with Scan MWS. Our online tool that gives you a 24/7 access to your inventory status. We support you with however you set up your inventory, whether it’s “First in, first out” (FIFO), “First expired, First out” (FEFO) or “Last in, First out” (LIFO), we have the system to manage the principles.

Value added services

Besides from lower or eliminate your capital expenditures associated with equipment and facilities, we are able to provide value added services thru; bonded warehouse, cross-docking, final assembly and kitting, shrink wrapping, labeling, scanning and pick/pack services.

Thomas Nørgaard, CEO, Road & Solution, says

"By involving people, technology and location with a close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to deliver a strong service, improving the logistics set up and customer satisfaction for our customers".