Yokohama comes to the aid of Sister city Odesa with highly needed water purification equipment

Aug 15, 2022

Photos taken from the delivery of the water purification equipment to Odesa in Japan.

Yokohama and Odesa are sister cities and take that fact very seriously. With Odesa fighting to stay at a functional level for its citizens, Yokohama has come to their aid.

The city of Yokohama has just donated a large shipment of water purification equipment to Odesa. Scan Global Logistics (SGL) handled the logistics in Japan and Poland with the help of Yokohama City International Bureau and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

The delivery made a real difference and was much appreciated. Deputy Mayor of Odesa City, Mr. Sergiy Tetyukhin, expressed his gratitude in these words: "Thank you a lot for your help and support, this is a miracle for us, and we truly appreciate our relationship."

Delivering goods to Ukraine has become a matter of real expertise for the logistics companies taking on that task. SGL handled the job, bypassing all significant obstacles and delivering the water purification equipment to the people of Odesa. The task was recognized and valued by Mr. Ken Akaoka, Director of Global Network International Affairs Bureau City of Yokohama, who says

"We would like to express our sincere respect and gratitude for your efforts, and I would like to share the joy of completing the transfer with everyone involved in this initiative. Deputy Mayor Mr. Sergiy said it was truly a "miracle" achievement. We also believe this is a valuable experience that will not only serve as a pilot case for future transportation of goods to Ukraine and infrastructure support by local governments but also Japan's "strong support for reconstruction."

Though Scan Global Logistics closed its offices in Russia years ago and has not been operating in Ukraine for a while, they were ready to assist when Yokohama reached out.

"We are always ready to take on tasks that are a little out of the ordinary. And in this case, we were more than happy to be able to help and see to it that the water purification equipment could get to Odesa and the people in need as smoothly as possible," says Mr. Hideki Tamura, Managing Director of SGL Japan.

The water purification equipment will ensure 3 litres of daily drinking water per person for approximately 100,000 citizens. The equipment is considered insurance that will save lives should the current water supply be interrupted.

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