Customised solutions to avoid blank sailings

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When COVID-19 caused lockdowns across ports worldwide and subsequent blank sailings, it hindered progress in various global projects of a solar tracker and components customer within the photovoltaic industry. Needing to press on, we stepped in to institute a custom solution that helped them overcome these challenges and resume projects to completion.



The impact of COVID lockdowns and blank sailings had a direct effect on this customer’s business. In the challenging market landscape, it was difficult for other forwarders to find solutions around this, and there were seemingly no solutions to get their projects back on track. These challenges stopped weekly batches of 20-30 40’ HCs (high cube containers) from Spain and China to the US.



A customised solution unfolded by implementing a Control Tower and a dedicated team with deep knowledge of the product and industry. The Control Tower, centralised in Spain, enabled ad hoc solutions for remote deliveries and door-to-door control. With our large carrier base, multiple carriers were expertly chosen for this customer to avoid blank sailing situations.



With the new Control Tower, dedicated team, and customised solutions, including the implementation of multiple carriers, the customer’s projects resumed, and multiple solar plants were installed during the peak of COVID-19.

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