A record-breaking shipment for Vestas

Photo of the record-breaking shipment, consisting of 198 wind turbine blades in one single vessel.

The loading of 198 wind turbine blades was the largest single-vessel blade shipment of blades to date, breaking the previous record of 156 blades on a single ship. An exciting task for Vestas that required us onsite for the whole loading process to supervise and ensure that everything went as planned.

“I am extremely proud that Vestas trusted us with this assignment, which was very challenging but fun to handle because of the enormous size,” says Tim Johansen, Head of the Industrial Projects & Renewable Energy Department.

The change of blades will cause a 35% increase in the Marengo Wind Projects output. The facility generated enough renewable energy to power 53,000 residences annually, but after the upgrade, 72,000 homes will receive wind powered energy.

The vessel sailed from the port of Taranto, Italy, on May 21, 2019, and arrived in the Port of Vancouver, USA, on June 24, 2019.

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