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Tailor-made solutions within the entire African continent

No matter where it is and what it takes, it is crucial for Toyota that the vehicles reach their final destination in a good condition and on time.

Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd (Toyota) has customers all over Africa and therefore they require reliable transport solutions of their client’s vehicles to destinations all over Africa, - some which are difficult to reach. Scan Global Logistics (SGL) has for many years been the no 1 preferred freight forwarder for Toyota.

SGL also handles difficult inland transportation

Besides inland transports in container, by truck or car-carrier many vehicles are transported by own wheels from the port of discharge to its final destination.

Inland transportation requires constantly updated information of the current local infrastructures i.e. knowledge of routes, accessible borders, road conditions, bridges to cross, rainy seasons, update on former passable routes, rebels territory or instability or even natural disasters – own wheels are often the only option to reach the very final destination.

SGL tailor the right solution for delivery of each and every vehicle into landlocked destinations in Africa – whether it is by truck, rail or own wheels - and to the agreed time. Whether the destination is Garowe in Somalia or Kananga in Democratic Republic of the Congo SGL do their outmost to find the right solution for Toyota and trouble shoot en-route should this be required. In average, SGL transport more than 500 vehicles for Toyota every year all over Africa.


Toyota Motor Corporation's official supplier of 4x4 Ex-stock Toyota vehicles and spare parts to Aid & Humanitarian agencies working in rapid relief, emergency and development projects worldwide.

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