Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

Complicated project transport over the Andes and into Bolivia

In March 2013, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB had their first, of many, project transport of gas turbines going from Sweden to Bolivia. The inland transport included passing heights of 4600 meters with temperatures varying from below 15 degrees to plus 30. Roads are only 7.20 meter wide and all opposing traffic had to be removed since the heavy trucks cannot under any circumstances stop during each phase going uphill.

95 tons of H/L units as well as both over dimensioned cargo and general cargo were loaded in Norrköping and Huston and shipped to the port of Arica, Chile. A 45 days ocean voyage followed by 30 days and 1700 km by truck over the Andes before arriving at the final destination in southern Bolivia.

Safe transport and thorough documentation

For a complicated transport like that, Siemens of course need a partner who can offer safe transport and approved and certified equipment as well as documentation of all milestones throughout the entire operation. With Scan Global Logistics Siemens have a partner who complies with their needs and who goes through every detail of the project, including contracts between all parties involved, to ensure no risk regarding penalties or missed deadlines when carrying out such complicated projects.

Covered by Bolivian television

The project called for the construction and operation of a 230 kV power transmission bay in Termoeléctrica del Sur. The power generated from these generators will be used to meet the growing domestic and industrial demand for electricity in Bolivia. To emphasize the importance of the electricity supply, the National Bolivian TV covered the delivery at the construction site with presence and speech of the president Evo Morales.

About Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

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