Roth Nordic

Delivery on time

For Roth Nordic, reliability and delivering on time is essential for their business. Selling underfloor heating systems, tap- water installations, solar panels and oil tanks to the Nordic market, most of their customers are in the building industry. On construction sites, costs are significant if things stand still because of unstable supplies. Therefore, Roth Nordic is highly dependent on stability, reliability and deliveries on time.

To ensure stability, Roth Nordic has chosen SGL.

Joint branding

Roth Nordic has chosen our cobranding solution.
The goal of SGL and Roth Nordic is not just bringing cargo from A to B, but also to continuously look for better logistics solutions. As an example, SGL is offering Roth Nordic joint branding by placing Roth Nordic’s brand on SGL’s trailers.

This creates value for both companies.

Cargo insurance

SGL is also arranging for transport insurance. This is often vital due to the high value of the HVAC systems.

About Roth Nordic

Roth Nordic develops, manufactures and markets complete HVAC systems specially adapted to the Nordic market. With national sales organizations and sales through HVAC wholesalers, Roth Nordic’s products are readily available. Roth Nordic covers the whole of the Nordic region and operate from their own logistics centre in Frederikssund, Denmark.