Traffic advisory for Chinese New Year 2019

In connection with Chinese New Year, which runs from February 4 to February 19, please expect some disruptions on your transport coming and going to China.

Chinese New Year is one the most important holidays in China so please take note that most offices and businesses are officially closed for a week including China ports. There will also be limited space and availability for your shipments as well as increased road and port congestion during the holidays. Traffic is expected to normalize a week or two after Chinese New Year.

Please be guided of the following holidays of our SGL APAC offices:

China – closed from February 4 to February 10 (February 2 & 3 are normal working days)
Vietnam & Taiwan – closed from February 2 until February 10
Singapore & Malaysia – closed from February 5 until February 6
Hong Kong – closed from February 5 until February 7
Philippines & Indonesia – closed on February 5

As there are limited staff in the offices especially for our China offices, please expect a bit of delay on mails and inquiries.

Thank you for your constant support and cooperation. Happy Chinese New Year!