Top environmental performance rating from CDP

14 Feb, 2023

CDP performance rating

Receiving an A- rating, the second highest possible ranking from CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the leading gatekeeper in sustainable economy and environmental reporting. The rating is recognition for showing leadership and taking action to accelerate our ESG investments in alignment with our science-based targets of limiting global warming to 1.5˚C.

CDP is an international nonprofit organisation helping companies and cities worldwide measure, manage and disclose their environmental impact on climate change. In December 2022, we received the A- (Leadership level) rating as a recognition of implementing current best practices, placing us among the top 12 % within the industry. In comparison, the European regional average is B, and the Intermodal Transport & Logistics Sector is C.

Martin Andersen, Global Head of Sustainability, ESG and Quality, explains the strong focus on Sustainability: “Reducing supply chain emissions are critical to limit global warming, yet they continue to increase. As the fastest-growing source of emissions worldwide, the transport sector needs to become more sustainable. We put a lot of energy into working with suppliers and helping our customers by providing sustainable logistics solutions. It makes me happy that we have solutions available that can already reduce emissions from transportation by 50-100% today.”


Continued ESG improvements

Our commitment is to contribute to reducing our own and our customers CO2 emissions through continued initiatives and collaborations with suppliers and stakeholders across the supply chain.

The A- rating is obtained through a strong focus on fulfilling our environmental strategy, providing ESG transparency, presenting emission reduction initiatives, disclosing opportunities, our governance and business strategy, financial planning, and scenario analysis. 

About CDP

CDP is the highest standard of environmental reporting with the world’s largest, most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city environmental action. CDP runs the global environmental disclosure system and was founded in 2000.

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