Supporting the largest wind farm project in the Philippines

12 Feb, 2024

PH wind farm in North Luzon

With the erection and installation of 32 turbines in the North Luzon region of the Philippines, in close collaboration with a valued industrial project customer, we have constructed the largest wind farm project in the country to date. Despite encountering challenges due to the challenging circumstances in the mountainous area, the 160 MW project is now completed, and another is ongoing.

The Balaoi & Caunayan Wind Farm in the North Luzon region of the Philippines consists of 18 units of 5.0-145 and 14 units of 5.0-132 wind turbines, combining a total output of 160 MW (megawatt). It’s the largest wind farm project in the country, making it a critical strategic move towards the target of getting 35% of the country’s energy supply from renewable sources by 2030.

Managing a job site spread across several mountain ridges required a skilled and experienced project management, erection and installation team to ensure the project ran smoothly and safely. Besides project management and coordinating tasks and timelines, the full project scope also involved hiring expert sub-contractors to complete the erection and installation of the windmills, including deploying local experts to finalise the installation inside the turbines after erection. Our legal team ensured all contractual agreements were in place to mitigate risks.


Overcoming difficult working conditions

The North Luzon region's extreme site and weather conditions made constructing the Balaoi & Caunayan Wind Farm challenging. The customer needed a skilled and experienced project management, erection, and installation team to handle, operate and execute the project. We delivered.

As the construction site was spread across several mountain ridges and many site roads present inclines of up to 20%, installing the 32 wind turbines demanded great adaptability and flexibility from our teams and partners to find the right solutions.

Two main crawler cranes towering 138 meters up in the air were moved around the construction site, assembled and disassembled repeatedly to complete the project.

An adaptable approach

Navigating the typhoon season and the challenging site conditions, the project approach was continuously adapted to continue construction whenever a weather window was available. To mitigate delays, sometimes, when the weather would permit, the turbines were erected during the night.

Adding to the challenging circumstances, frequent earthquakes and landslides caused by heavy rains and unstable roads caused a delay to the project for several months, pushing the scheduled project period into the typhoon and high-wind season and causing even further delays.

Handling the overall project management and planning of the wind farm required working closely with the customer and the sub-contractors to erect and install all 32 wind turbines successfully.

Another project is already ongoing

Currently, our Project Management team is already involved with another project: managing and completing the erection and installation by crane of a 70 MW wind farm project in the Ilocos Norte province of the Philippines. The project features 14 5.0-145 turbine units. Construction began in July 2023, with 10 of 14 turbines currently erected and installed.

As the nation with the second-largest population in Southeast Asia is moving towards renewable energy, we’re proud to support them in the transition of mitigating the effects of climate change.

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