Successful first delivery of a 90,000 freight tons Industrial Project to Senegal

27 Jun, 2023

A birds view of the heavy equipment loaded in a chartered geared vessel at a port.

In early 2023, Fives FCB, a renowned cement plant supplier, awarded us the delivery of all plant equipment, totalling 90,000 freight tons, for a new clinker production line in Rufisque, Senegal. A Control Tower setup at our new Industrial Project office in Dunkirk, France, will coordinate deliveries from more than seven countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia via Dakar Port to meet the tight deadlines of the 18-month-long high-value project.

However, to ensure successful delivery, it was necessary to deliver 80% of the total cargo volume by the end of 2023, with the highest volume occurring between May and September. The first 656-ton critical shipment from China required special heavy lift expertise and significant infrastructure modifications. Here’s an account of what it took to achieve a successful delivery.

Critical first transport

Given the high financial stakes associated with the new plant, there is minimal tolerance for errors or delays. The first shipment, consisting of eight kiln shells, the heart of the new plant, must adhere to the strict delivery deadline to avoid disrupting the customer’s construction schedule.

Upon arriving by barge at Shanghai Port, the heavy equipment is promptly reloaded and carefully secured in the belly of a chartered geared vessel. Including rotors, tables and crates, the shipment totals 656 tonnes of critical plant equipment.


Standard procedure: Removal of 4 pedestrian bridges

At 6.6 meters in diameter and weighing up to a staggering 82 tonnes each, the sheer size and volume of the eight kiln shells require extreme measures to ensure final delivery at the building site. Consequently, four pedestrian bridges in Dakar had to be removed for the tall heavy-weight cargo to pass.

Upstream preparation is an essential element in our heavy lift experts’ job. As part of the initial assessment, extensive road surveys were conducted to identify potential obstacles. Necessary measures were taken to guarantee the timely delivery of the cargo.

‘The parameters and scope of such a substantial project change daily. We chose SGL as they bring a flexible approach and can adjust quickly to changing plans and circumstances. Their worldwide network provides us with the necessary local expertise and cross-border coordination.’ - Fives FCB

We chose SGL as they bring a flexible approach and can adjust quickly to changing plans and circumstances.

In heavy lift projects, infrastructure modifications are standard procedures. To minimise road downtime due to the necessary dismantling of the bridges, as the largest equipment of the project, the eight kiln shells are shipped together. The four bridges were assembled right after the delivery in close collaboration with the local authorities, and the shipment was safely delivered at the production site.



Engaging all means of transport

The Rufisque Project totals 90,000 freight tonnes, including out-of-gauge, heavy, and general cargo. To ensure the successful final delivery of the project in Senegal, all means of transport will be employed, including containers and RORO services, flatbeds, low-beds and multi-axle trailers. With an expected delivery of over 1500 containers throughout the project, our heavy lift experts will assess and determine the most suitable and safe transport solutions in compliance with international rules and regulations.

We are happy to take the weight off our customer’s shoulders as we manage their heavy lift project safely, timely, and efficiently – from pre-carriage to final onsite delivery in Senegal.

One down.

Many more to come.

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