Status of Port Montreal

Update August 24, 2020:

The Montreal Longshore Union (CUPE 375) and the Checkers Union (ILA) have agreed to end the strike at the Port of Montreal and to continue negotiations while working. The terminals in Montreal are expected to open today, Monday, August 24, 2020.

It will take some weeks to clear the backlog of vessels and cargo in the terminals which were impacted because of this interruption. Both Railroads will need to re-adjust their networks to reinstate normal operations in Montreal while at the same time clear the backlogs in both Saint John and Halifax.

We understand your need to have the cargo delivered as soon as possible, and all parties are working diligently through all the operational and labor issues to minimize the  delays, prioritizing one container over another will not be practical and should be avoided as the terminals strive to maximize efficiency as they work through the import stacks.

Please stay in close contact with your local Scan Global Logistics office for further updates.


Currently, some Canadian ports are unfortunately experiencing labour conflicts, and thus goods can be delayed.


Particularly the strike at the terminals in Montreal are causing issues. The situation is growing worse day by day and all terminals and carriers involved are affected.


At the moment, the port is closed and the containers within the port remain in the port. There is no possibility to use merchant haulage to remove the containers out of the port. Halifax port is also becoming congested due to the effects of the Montreal strike.


It is impossible to foresee the future but currently, it is expected that the Canadian government might intervene.


Meanwhile, we do everything we can to limit the delays – and if you have any goods to, from or via Canada, especially by any of the above ports, please reach out to your contact.


Scan Global Logistics