Scan Global Logistics implements the GDP Pharma scheme in 19 sites worldwide

26 Jun, 2024

From left to right: Mia Wichmann, Senior Director, Business Development – Tanja Kähler, Quality Manager Pharma, Group Quality - Trine Tiedemann, Group Head of Quality - Charlotte Butty, senior lead auditor, DNV – Maria Carlsen, Planner, DNV

Scan Global Logistics (SGL) has proudly received a statement from DNV that the company’s pharma management system complies with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Pharma scheme, a global standard for the distribution of pharmaceutical products. Currently covering 19 sites in 9 countries, SGL plans to extend implementation to other sites within 2024 to further support its pharma and healthcare customers worldwide. The statement is applicable from mid-April.

SGL is among the first Danish logistics providers to obtain this statement from DNV, a leading provider of assurance services. DNV issued a statement for the implementation of the multi-site GDP Pharma management system, which is applicable for all transport modes.

Charlotte Butty, senior lead auditor, DNV, expands on SGL’s commitment to quality upon issuing the GDP Pharma certification to the logistics provider:


Scan Global Logistics has been preparing diligently for the GDP requirements and certification for the last six months but has worked in compliance with the EU GDP Guideline for several years. Their commitment showcases the company’s leadership and innovation in the pharmaceutical distribution sector and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


The GDP Pharma certification verifies that SGL meets the standards of pharmaceutical product distribution practices. The scheme will serve SGL as a valuable tool for enhancing the quality and reliability of its customers’ supply chains. The audit was conducted over five working days and is valid for three years, provided SGL fulfils the requirements in the yearly audits conducted by DNV.

Trine Tiedemann, Group Head of Quality, says:


We are very proud to be confirmed by DNV for the GDP Pharma scheme, which reflects our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement. This certification assures our customers that we deliver their products with the utmost care and professionalism and that we comply with the relevant regulations and guidelines.


Quality, safety and integrity of pharmaceutical products

The GDP Pharma Scheme aims to ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. The scheme covers the requirements for pharmaceutical distributors' storage, transportation, handling, documentation, and quality management systems.

Currently, SGL has implemented the scheme at 19 sites in nine countries. The statement is valid for three years, and the global logistics provider plans to expand the number of sites covered in 2024.

The GDP Pharma scheme is based on the guidelines on GDP for pharmaceutical products for human use from the European Union and the World Health Organization. The scheme applies to any organisation involved in distributing pharmaceutical products, such as wholesalers, brokers, carriers, logistics providers, and storage facilities.



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