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Scan Global Logistics and the Danish Defense enters into a strategic seven-year contract

05 Nov, 2021

Scan Global Logistics' operations director, Mads Drejer, together with major and head of transport in the Armed Forces, Stiwi Serup Ingersvang.

Selected from several leading international logistics companies, Scan Global Logistics (SGL) has won the tender with DALO (Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) to handle the transport and logistics tasks of the Danish Defence for the next 7 years. The deal, worth DKK 1.8 billion, marks another landmark for the globally expanding Danish-based logistics company.

The strategic cooperation with the Danish Defense will take effect from 1 December 2021. Within the contractual agreement lies civil transport in connection with the Danish Defense exercises and international missions, including transport solutions for the Arctic Command.

Best on technology and price
After an extensive tender process, SGL was awarded the contract basis both a technical and pricing evaluation in competition with a wide range of global transport and logistics companies, including the current contract owner Maersk (Damco).

"During the tender process, it was important to choose a strong, development-ready, and stable partner, and we look forward together with SGL to developing the right methods and solutions that match the special needs of the Danish Defense," says Major Stiwi Serup Ingersvang, Head of Transportation.

A global framework agreement
The framework agreement is one of Denmark's most extensive public framework agreements. It is handled by JMTO (Joint Movement and Transportation Organisation), which coordinates the national and international transport needs of the Danish Defense.

Mads Drejer, Global COO & CCO, elaborates on how SGL's many years of experience plays a crucial role in the global agreement:
"This is an extraordinarily significant and strategically important agreement for us, and we are proud to win this long and professional tender process. The result emphasizes our strong competencies and agile approach to delivering complex and critical transport solutions. Our more than 45 years of experience solving logistics tasks for the UN, amongst others, to some of the world's most difficult-to-reach and conflict-filled areas gives us a clear advantage. We look forward to handling and solving the tasks for the Danish Defence wherever in the world it need be."

Full focus from the start
Coordination and execution of the global transports of the Danish Defense require special security clearances and procedures locally and globally. Therefore, the dialogue is already underway with the Danish Defence, and a team dedicated exclusively to project management, planning, and execution of the upcoming transports is being staffed and established.

Continued global growth
In 2021 alone, SGL has made seven acquisitions as part of its ambitious expansion strategy and opened three offices within the last month. As an approved supplier to The Danish Defense, the company will have another strategic leg to support its growth plans.

About Scan Global Logistics
Scan Global Logistics is a global full-service logistics company headquartered in Copenhagen. They excel in making logistics less complex through tailor-made solutions by specialists, problem solvers, and passionate contractors. By having an extensive global network, Scan Global Logistics can reach even the most remote corners of the globe.

Since 1975, the core of the DNA has been lots of courage, agility, and a willingness always to go the extra mile. Scan Global Logistics goes out of the ordinary to bring anything anywhere – whether by road, rail, lake, air, or any combination of these.

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