Great interest in our trainee program

Scan Global Logistics wants to attract the best forwarder talents to the company and we experience a great interest in our Danish two-year trainee program.

Scan Global Logistics in Denmark perceives trainees as a crucial asset and an important part of the company’s future. Therefore, we attend the annual job fairs for Danish students to get the best possible forwarders to Scan Global Logistics.

This January, we attended the job fair at Roskilde Commercial School where more than 700 students visited. We will also be present at the jobs fairs at Niels Brock (Copenhagen) February 6, 2018 and at Aarhus Business College March 1, 2018.

Our good reputation

Many students have realized the great opportunities in the forwarding industry and in Scan Global Logistics. According to Ditte Rasmussen, HR Consultant in Scan Global Logistics, “Scan Global Logistics has a good reputation among the students. Several students have heard about our customized trainee program, and want to know more about our career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.”

Patricia Von Holstein chose to start as a trainee at Scan Global Logistics because the company invests in the trainees: “It is a very good place to work, where you gain responsibility almost from day one and keep developing through the traineeship. I never have two days which are the same and there are many interesting challenges in my everyday life.”

Attracting the right talents

Spending time at the fairs is a great way to attract the right talents to Scan Global Logistics. “Last year, we hired some of the talented young people, whom we met at the fairs and it has been a great success. This definitely shows that we are able to attract the right talents to the company. And we hope that this will be the case again this year”, says Ditte Rasmussen.

We listen to the students

“Attending the fairs also helps us to offer the best possible opportunities to the students. We listen to their opinions and encourage them to share what aspects of the traineeship that attract them. It helps us to tailor the traineeship to their need, professionally as well as socially”, says Ditte Rasmussen.

According to Patricia Von Holstein, the social aspect is a big part of the everyday at Scan Global Logistics: “Scan Global Logistics has a very good company culture with a great deal of focus on the social aspects. I have great colleagues and the trainee program ensures a close network amongst me and my fellow trainees.”


Read more about our trainee program (in Danish) here.


Please feel free to swing by for a chat at our Scan Global Logistics stall:

Copenhagen: Niels Brock. February 6, 2018

Aarhus: Aarhus Business College. March 1, 2018