Empowering Young Minds: Building a Children's Library in Cambodia

Nov 07, 2023

Several thousand books have been donated to create a new community children's library through a sponsorship event involving the Australian International School in Singapore, the Angkor Kids Center, and Scan Global Logistics. Now, these children have access to a world of knowledge, entertainment, and fun that they did not have before.

Hundreds of children living in Somrong Village near the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia are currently smiling and enthusiastically turning pages to discover unknown knowledge and entertainment as they enjoy a newly constructed community library.

The project became a reality thanks to genuine collaborative efforts. Besides being the initiator, Scan Global Logistics played a crucial role by sponsoring all the transportation logistics for 108 boxes full of books and providing financial support for building the library.

"After several months of thorough preparation and planning, many teams worked tirelessly to bring this fantastic initiative to life. The library opened to smiles and excitement from adults and children as a new community hub was created for their enjoyment. The resources delivered will not only help educational development but also foster the imagination and creativity of the children as they open up new worlds through reading. Being part of such a meaningful collaboration has enriched the lives of all and underlines what a difference we can all make to communities when working together,” says Jason Wilson, Head of Product, Asia, Scan Global Logistics.

Almost 6,000 were collected

The Australian International School in Singapore (AIS) organised the collection of almost 6,000 used yet fully functional books through the dedicated efforts of many of its students. Meanwhile, the local NGO, Angkor Kids Center, ultimately ensured that the books would fulfil their purpose and create educational opportunities for children who otherwise lack access to such resources.

"Seeing the books, we had packed in Singapore stacked on the shelves in Cambodia was a humbling experience. This library will offer new educational opportunities to both children and adults and open a world of entertainment, imagination, and fun. It has been truly amazing to witness the impact on the community. We hope the library will become a positive and welcoming hub,” says Sarah Barr, a Secondary English Teacher from AIS, one of the driving forces behind the project.

Strong community engagement

The books were collected from AIS by Scan Global Logistics' transportation in Singapore and transferred to a Scan Global Logistics warehouse for packing, labelling, and preparation for further transportation.

Subsequently, the boxes with books were shipped via ocean freight from Singapore to the seaport of Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Here, the local Scan Global Logistics Cambodia teams, in collaboration with Angkor Kids Center, ensured the final delivery, with even community elders in the village assisting in unpacking the boxes, carrying the books, and filling the shelves in the library.

  • The library opened on 13 June 2023 in Siem Reap in the northern part of Cambodia.

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