Deploying a never tried before solution

03 Oct, 2022

Our engineers are put to the test when moving a +150-ton heavy transformer to the remote regions of Mozambique calls for a never tried before solution. While the monsoon is closing in, threatening to delay delivery, 40 dedicated people work relentlessly to solve the unique challenge in a close cross-country collaboration.

Of the total 16,700 km from departure in Norrkoping, Sweden, to delivery in Songo, Mozambique, the last 235 kilometers are critical. The stretch includes crossing 100 bridges, six of which risk collapsing. The most vital is the iconic Mazoe River Bridge.

The never-tried-before solution
At 300 meters long, the Mazoe River Bridge is not designed to support the +150-ton centralized weight. Adding to the pressure of finding a solution, the bridge serves as the national corridor to the neighboring countries. A collapse would put a full stop to domestic and international transport. 

Failure is not an option.

The solution is a custom-made ultra-light girder system.

Displacing the massive weight over 28 axles, the girder system helps alleviate stress on the bridge.

The critical move
Everyone holds their breath as the convoy snails its way onto the bridge.

Success! The engineering and mathematical calculations proved correct. Safely on the other side, the transformer is reloaded onto an SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transport) to climb the last 9,5 km of winding and twisting roads to the final destination in Songo.

Two days later, the monsoon started.

Future-proof out-of-the-box solution

The customer is not only satisfied with the timely delivery in the most critical of circumstances, but the ultra-light girder system is also a future-proof investment to the customer as it can be dismantled, stored, and re-used in similar cases around the world.

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns and working in the sweltering heat, over 40 people from Sweden, Germany, Poland, Turkey, the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique were involved in the execution of the move. From planning and engineering to safety crews and local certifications and permits, in close collaboration with our customer, we uncomplicated yet another challenging delivery.