Changes to traffic during the Easter holiday

In connection with the upcoming Easter holiday, there will be changes to our service schedule for our Road Services for Denmark and Sweden

Please find below traffic information for both countries:

To/from Denmark

Last day to ship deliveries for arrival before Easter:

 The Nordics  March 26 (the most northern part of Sweden/Norway/Finland:  March 22)
 Denmark  March 27
 Benelux/Germany  March 22
 Southern Europe  March 20
 UK/Ireland  March 23
 Eastern Europe/Baltic  March 23
 Russia  March 23

The first day for normal traffic after Easter is April 3 for all Nordic traffic, April 4 for continental traffic and April 6 for Eastern Europe, Baltic and Russian traffic. Please contact us well in advance, if you have any express shipments.

To/from Sweden

Export: March 29 is the last day to ship deliveries for arrival in week 14.

Import: March 27 is the last day to ship deliveries for arrival in week 14.

Please expect one-day delay for deliveries in week 14 due to the driving restriction in several countries on April 2.

Please reach out to your contact person at SGL Road, if you have any questions or visit the SGL Road Sweden page here and SGL Road Denmark page here for more information.


Happy Easter!


SGL Road ApS/SGL Road AB